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I mean come on!!!  Look at that smile!

People just don’t listen when I tell them things.  The night we landed, got settled and went to bed in Michigan I got the call letting me know that sweet Laycie was being induced due to preeclampsia and baby Kohen was on the way, eventhough the last thing I said to her before we went to the airport was, “Do not have that baby while I am gone!” Can I tell what it does to a total control freak to know all of this is going on outside my reach?  Did I check to see if there were any flights home asap? YES!  Did I weigh how mad my family would be if I was a no-show? YES! In the end I couldn’t leave and baby Kohen came into the world without my being there, shocking I know.

Before I tell you how perfect Kohen is, let me give you some highlights from my trip to Michigan.  I got to see my dean from bible school.  I pray you have someone like her in your life.  We spent a fast and furious 18 hours together.  We talked about what had gone on in the last year.  We talked about what we learned about the Lord in the last year.  We talked about the future and what we hoped for.  Sometimes God knits people together because He knows they need each other and I felt that so keenly during my time with Lisa.  As my kids say, “I want to be Lisa Hatton when I grow up, I just love her!”  No truer statement has ever been said.  I love you to pieces.  Thank you for being you and allowing me to me with you.  And yes, I’d love a cup of coffee with you.  We also got to run over to Ethnos 360 BI to see our old stomping ground.  It was so fun to say a quick hello to some of our professors, deans and some dear friends.

From there the kids and I went up to Grand Rapids where we got to celebrate my Grandpa’s 85th SURPRISE birthday with the entire Berridge side of the family, save for one cousin who is stationed in England.  That is sad because he is my grandparents favorite grandchild.  But they made do with the rest of us.  Listen, we are not mad, we have all made peace with the fact that Mark is the favorite.  We are all fine.  Really we are.  We had a great time at the party.  My dad and Aunt Teri sang tunes that were my grandpa’s favorite.  My dad, my mom, aunt Teri and our friend Doug are now known as the “Reunion Band.”  I love to see my dad sing. You can just see that he loves it.  It was really cool to see. Plus they sang “You are my Sunshine,”  which is the song my grandma always sang to me, and her and I sat and sang it together.  You have no idea how glad I was to surprise them with our visit because I am pretty sure she wrote me off since we didn’t visit this summer.  I could not tell her that we were coming to surprise them obviously, so I had to live through 5 months of comments like, “Well I hope I live long enough to see those kids of yours again someday.”  Ouch, Yes you will Grandma, and we took you to Olga’s for lunch so now we are all square.

The day after the Birthday party we had “Berridge Day.”  What is that you may ask?  Well is was a day that included The Kid Olympics, bowling, and a Wine Tasting Contest.  It was so much fun unless you talked during the Kid Olympics game explanation, then you got on the wrong side of Aunt Teri.  As I watched Aunt Teri carry out the Kid Olympics I was warmed in my heart because I thought, “Oh, I am just like her.  I come from a powerful long line of managing organizer Type A personalities.  We will keep this family together.”  The fact that we have pictures at all from the party or Berridge day is all down to Aunt Teri’s planning.  Hats off to you Aunt Teri, you had to do a lot of wrangling but the weekend was a success.  The best part was getting to taste wine and talk to my cousins, many of whom I have not seen in years, and holding all the babies.  Everyone had a baby but me because mine was being born in Texas.

Oh, baby Kohen.  I don’t even have the words.  What a blessing he has been to us.  Laycie has blown us away with how she has handled motherhood.  I have to say, no part of this has been what I would call “easy” for her.  She has had to navigate lots of drama, disappointment, scary things like your baby being in the NICU, leaving the hospital without your baby, going back to the hospital to bond with your baby, and through it all she just keeps going forward.  He’s almost a week old and they are finally settled in here at the house together and we could not be more excited for them to land here.  And let’s be honest, God knew what He was doing keeping me 1700 miles away.  I would have been a total wreck with worry about Laycie and the baby if I was here and having to live through all of that in real-time.  It was bad enough having to call Ashley 47 times an hour asking, “What is happening now?”  The first picture is Ashley and Jesse bringing the carseat up to the hospital…..guess who is absent from that picture? (me) The second is Ashley holding Kohen’s hand in the NICU sent to me with caption….”He said I am already his favorite.”  NOPE!

Baby Kohen has all the Griffith’s at his beck and call.  He squeaks we all say, “AWWW!”  He cries and we all rush to his side.  Sydney has begged me to stay home from school so she can soak him up.  Brock is mildly amused by him, but honestly a little scared of how tiny he is.  Jesse is talking in baby voices and cooing all the time.  He looks for reasons to “work from home.” And me?  Oh, I’m fine.  I am totally cool, totally nonplussed.  I can take him or leave him.  And if you believe that I have some ocean front property in Arizona I will sell you.  There is no end to my joy of having this baby here.  Yeah, I have returned no phone calls,  I have something like 300 emails to get to, I don’t care.  Right now he is sitting right next to me because he kept his mama up all night and we thought she should go nap and leave us alone.  So thankful to have a baby in this house again.  As baby’s go, this one is PERFECT!



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  1. Thanks for the admiration and the ability to recognize your own kind. Things happen whether we plan them or not but God gave us that organizing stick to the plan gene to be used. It was so much fun being with you and Sydney and Brock for Berridge Day. I really enjoyed seeing all the Great Grandkids playing with and competing against each other. The events and the day were designed to reintroduce all of these younger kids to each other and do something fun. And yes, everything is better with wine. I enjoyed every facet of our 4 parties in 2 days. So happy you all came. That baby looks very natural in your arms. Enjoy and love him, you have so much to give others. Love you, Your Type A Aunt Teri

  2. Sarah
    Thanks so much for writing. I love and look forward to your posts, even forwarding them on to my husband at times who also gets a kick out of them. Love your bittersweet honesty, your jokes, and your serious side!
    I’ve nominated you for a Blogging Recognition Award, the link can be found below:

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