Texas weather might need an intervention. 80 and sunny to 40 and rainy? Sounds like a cry for help to me. I just need to know if we are skipping fall. If we are, I’m fine with that. I just don’t want to haul all the fall stuff out if we are going straight to winter.

You know who is to blame for the messed up seasons? Hobby Lobby. The weather saw you, Hobby Lobby, stocking your dumb shelves in JUNE for Christmas, year after year. I know I walk in and see that and have a heart attack so why would the weather be different? Hobby Lobby you need to learn to be happy in the moment. Stop encouraging us to look ahead. Some of us are not even fully comfortable with it being October much less Christmas time.

I have waited to buy pumpkins because I wanted it to be less than 80. If I don’t they turn into some sort of horrible pumpkin pie on the porch. But now with all this confusion brought about by Hobby Lobby, it feels more like I should just put up the Christmas tree and call it a day. 

They only one around here who is thoroughly excited about the weather is Downton the duck. She thinks this is just about the best time ever. Water, water everywhere full of dying bugs. I should post a cute pic of her playing in the water but it is 40 and raining and I am not going out side. Sorry! The chicken’s are about to put themselves on Craig’s List but in a more dry and warm zip code. “Free to a good home, 11 amazing chickens looking for a warm dry farm. We are free range, go wherever we want, don’t fence us in chickens.” They don’t do rain. They have not actually left the barn today. They look at me like, “Hey dummy, you left the water on.”  

And then there is Jesse. He just keeps mumbling things like, “It has to be over 40 to pour concrete” or “9 days of dry weather, 9 days in a row to pour concrete.” You see, he is managing the building process for our new church building. We are waiting for them to pour the foundation. He just looks outside and says, “Oh look, its still raining!” He then laughs this crazy man laugh and goes about his business. I keep telling him, “God is literally in charge of making it rain, so he must have a plan with all this.” He just looks at me with that look like he wants to say, “I know you are but what am I?” The classic come back in an impossible situation.  

Hobby Lobby may be responsible for this breakdown of the time/space continuum but how do us innocent bystanders live on during this crazy weather change? For me I know the right answer is to live like Downton the duck, with the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart. I find however that I am angry with Hobby Lobby for messing up the seasons. (Just incase you don’t know I am joking I am not actually blaming Hobby Lobby for the weather. God IS literally in charge of the weather. I do blame them for putting undo pressure on me to decorate way ahead of time. As we have established I am an over achiever and walk right into that trap every time.) I love how Downton gets up everyday with a spring in her step and makes the best of every situation. Every time I come home in the pouring down rain I see her out there foraging around and hunting bugs in puddles. I think, man I should be like that. But then I find myself literally contemplating how necessary any errands (like getting food for the house) are in real life.

And to bring this all back around to the searing abdominal pain, when I complain about the weather I realize how much I really don’t like not being God. Guess what, in August I could have written a post about how, “The devil is responsible for heat and humidity!” I really wish my circumstances lent themselves to be perfect and pain free. I wish I could get tan without heat and humidity and I wish I could wear my sweaters without actually enduring cold rainy weather. But guess what? I don’t have control of those things anymore than I have control over waiting or tension producing circumstances. They are all situations where I make a choice. 1: I can complain and be like the chickens, trying to relive my suffering. (Suffering? Is that the right word? I don’t think I have ever actually suffered in my life, but you get my point.) Or 2: I can be like Downton and trust that I can still be joyful. In the first situation I tell God, “I would be a better God than you!” In the second I say, “I love you Lord, thank you for growing me into a stronger more mature believer.”

If there is anything I know for sure, even if my actions don’t always prove it, is that God is the best God we could ever hope for. He is the beginning and the end. Our creator and loving Heavenly Father. He delights when we love HIM with all our heart, soul and mind. He is not mean, or petty. He is on a mission to make us more like him and less like wild animals ruled by our desires. He is worth everything you ever have to give up for Him. He is worth it every single time we say no to ourselves and follow Him. He is there to forgive you as soon as you ask for it. He is always there loving you. I even think He laughs with me, jokes with me and His Word says He Rejoices over me.

And so as I look out at this dreary day I am reminded that it is not actually Hobby Lobby that has decided to skip Fall, but the Lord. He knows what He is doing and I can trust Him. Thank your lucky stars reader that I am not God because you want to talk about crazy weather? That would be just the beginning if I was in charge. And you know what, God knows what He is doing. And I will try to trust Him. 0 Likes Share

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