Do I Still Turn 40 If My Friends Hijack My Blog?

Hello Sarah K. Griffith Blog forum! To start off I would like to introduce myself… My name is Laycie, as you might have read about me in previous posts. Anywho! I would like to apologize in advance for all of you who are blog savvy and up-to-date on blog do’s and don’ts, because this girl is definitely not! I probably should have swung by half price books to get a blogging for dummies hard copy, but I figured straight from the heart would do just the trick.

As many of you may or may not know, Sarah’s birthday is just around the corner (November 26th to be exact). If you are a frequent shopper here on Sarah’s blog page you know that for each person’s birthday she writes a post dedicated to them with ‘X’ amount of things she loves about them corresponding to their age. So, knowing that Sarah would never write her own B-day post (I say as sarcastic as possible because I think she’s working on her own b-day outline right now) I decided to reach out to some of her closest friends and family members to make her  a what we love about you birthday list!

*side note: I am not going to disclose exactly how old Sarah is turning this year, simply because that is a huge lady no-no. Also when I reached out to friends I got such an overwhelming response, that I’m just going to use the handful that go over her actual to-date age will be “ones to grow on” kinda like good ole birthday spankings, but I think that would be slightly inappropriate for me to bless her with Laycie love pats to the rump.  

With all that being said if you personally know Sarah I am sure you will agree with the list of sweet things each and every person sat down and hand wrote for her.

1. I love how passionate Sarah is — she’s passionate about God, she’s passionate about the lost, she’s passionate about her family, and she’s passionate about her friends. She will do anything for these people.

2. I love how Sarah is a caretaker. She loves caring for people and animals. Her spiritual gift is definitely care-taking and making sure everyone is well.

3. I love how Sarah is a gangster. She’ll be the first one to throw a punch to stand up for those she loves. #hollabackgirl

4. I love that Sarah is too good for a normal motel (screw this!) and will pay to treat her besties to an amazing 5 star weekend because we seriously have the best of times (no matter where we are!). #wherestyler #whynotmetoo #itsalietakeacart #sarahmadeitto1am #batsarescary #smf2017

5. I love Sarah’s humility — she will be the first to apologize — to put her feelings and pride aside and tell you how she screwed up. (We all screw up, but she will be the first to point hers out).

6. I love Sarah’s heart to always be learning and growing in Christ. Her love and passion to know God more and to be more Christlike is inspiring.

7. She is the ultimate mother hen. She takes care of all of her people, including her friends.

8. If you need her, she will drop what she is doing and come. Every. Single. Time.

9. She is crazy intuitive about the needs of her people.

10. When she messes up, she is the FIRST one to admit it and then tell you all the ways God is teaching her.

11. She will never say no to a good 90s Jam sesh.


12. She’s literally the best gift giver.

13. She cares more about what God thinks than anyone or anything else.

14. She fights for the weak, defends the fatherless and believes the best in others. If Sarah could see herself through my eyes, she would see that she is kind, loyal, forgiving, feisty and beautiful.

15.I love how forgiving and supportive you are. There is no way i’d be who I am today without your guidance, forgiving me when I do something wrong (multiple times), and supporting me no matter what.

16. You are amazingly beautiful. Not only physically but your personality and strength motivate me everyday.

17. God shines through  you, the fact that you can be so confident in who you are and what you believe is such an amazing thing and it makes me love you so much and makes me look up to you. You are an incredibly strong woman of God.

18. You have the best relationships. You and your best friends are so funny and joyful. I love that y’all have a group chat (red heart, red heart, BFFs, red heart, red heart). It models for me what I want in friends.

19.You and dad are SO CUTE. Over time I think about what that has given me I thank Him for saving your marriage. Y’all have so much love for each other and still have fun being married, y’all aren’t just roomies like some parents. One day I want a marriage as pure and whole as yours.

20. You put up with my teenagerness. you love me even on my bad days, or even yours. Even when for the 100th time you find food or cups in my not clean room that you’ve told me to clean.

21. you use your past experiences to be the perfect mom

22. You keep going even when the house is falling apart.Even when me and Brock are misbehaving. When drama creeps in. When yours and dads parents chip you away. You keep pushing because you know God is there and growing you. I love that about you.

23.I love your love for animals. You teach me to be kind to the animals when I lose my temper. You show me the ways of a country goat girl. Thank you for that.

24.I love that you know and are learning to relax by watching British tv shows, and how you named your duck after your favorite one.

25. I see you. I see you love Laycie, fighting tooth and nail for her. I see you learn and listen to God. I see you trying your hardest. I see you love on Kohen. I see you KILLING IT as a housewife and stay at home mom.


26. What time is it? SHOWTIME! I LOVE being your right hand man, battling you in a rap battle or raising a glass to freedom. Just don’t shoot me in a duel okay? I love that you perform Hamilton with me in the car. That we share that, and you let me screech until my heart’s content,

even if I mess up the harmony or forget a part. When I sing with you its nonstop and I feel like we could turn the world upside down.

27. I love that my mom is the one everyone can hear from the sidelines at the lacrosse games, even when I don’t score.

28. I don’t know if you know this, but everytime you pick me up from school and stop whatever you are doing to talk to me or pick me up sonic, or spend your time doing something for me, I tell myself that you truly are the best mom I could ask for.

29. Momma, Im being truly honest when I say you are my best friend. Who also happens to be the best mom, awesome singer, loving caretaker, funniest comedian and courageous woman of God I want to be. There is so much more I could say, but that would take up all the blog space in the world, so i’ll just say Happy birthday mom, I love you.

30. She’s always got your back.

31. She pushes you to pursue the passions the Lord gives you.

32. She’s one of the most giving people I have ever met.

33. She’s the kind of friend that pushes you out of your comfort zone when you need to be.

34. She knows every word to every 90s rap song.

35. I can’t describe how much she loves me

36. She relentlessly cares for me (down to my toes)

37. She provides everything I need

38. She somehow knows what I’m thinking about all the time

39. She disciplines me so I’m not a brat

40. She makes sure I don’t do something dumb

41. She does fun stuff with us

42. She does not have a favorite

43. She lets us have some alone time

44. She is always curious about what we are doing in life/school/what we are going through

45. Sarah I love how well you love me and my sweet boy, showing me the kind of love the Lord has for us both, in so many ways that I didn’t even know I needed.

46. I love that you care and you are all in. The things that make me cry, make you cry. I smile, you smile with me. I freak out, I know you’re right there beside me doing just the same but ready to figure it out.

44. You are the best husband (hehe inside joke)

45. I love and am so grateful that you see the best in me even when I don’t see it for myself. You remind me that I am worth it, you have the hard talks and do it all in a way that I know you care (even when I don’t want to hear it in the moment)

46. You are patient with me. On my worst days when I want to curse you for getting me out of bed at 7 am. Or when I’m sick, lazy, dead to the world, unmotivated, crabby… the list could go on, you are slow to anger and give me the space I need when I need space or help and cuddles when I need those!

47. I love the way you fight for our marriage. I never feel like I’m fighting against you or by myself, but always with you right by my side.

48. I cannot say how thankful I am for having you as a mother to our kids. I have seen God do AMAZING things through you where our family is concerned. You are the biggest reason our kiddos are the blessings they are. If it were left to me they’d be running wild in the streets, chasing cars and biting tires.


49. I love your passion for the path of light Christ has opened up to you. You want to be as close to Him as you can be, even when you’re not sure what His next step is.

50. I love how you find a way to connect with every pet you’ve ever had. I would swear I’ve seen them show their appreciation in ways only you can understand.

51. I love how you are always in my corner, even if you don’t quite understand what fight I’m in or how to coach me up for the next round.

52. I love how you are so willing to sacrifice for your friendships. You always give so much more of yourself than people expect or ask for.

53. I love how important neatness, structure, and organization are to you, but you let yourself have that one place of chaos.

54. You are so beautiful, in that timeless, outside all-the-way through to your soul kind of way that makes me so proud to be your husband and so ready to fight to give you that soft place to land.

55. I love the effect you have on people. Anyone who wants to allow Christ to make a lasting change in their life only has to be around you for a week or so.

Greetings loyal readers, this is Jesse, Sarah’s husband. I wrote the last nine items of the list, I say that so there’s no awkwardness. I also want to give a big thank you for everyone who contributed to this post, and to Sarah’s life over the years. Without y’all she wouldn’t be who she is. Also, I have to thank Laycie for this birthday idea and our unknown accomplice who helped get this up without Sarah knowing about it.

Finally, I would like all the readers to know how none of the things on this list come close to saying how we truly feel about Sarah. She is more loved, appreciated, honorable, God-glorifying, respected, and cherished than words can say. That’s why we are so blessed to know her and try and live out our appreciation for her each and every day we have Sarah as part of our lives. I love you babe, and I hope you know that in your heart. You are the second-best thing God has ever done for me, and I cannot put into words how blessed we are to be on this journey together.


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