Well, it has been a minute, as the young people say. My birthday was amazing. Much to my surprise I looked exactly the same on the morning of my birthday as I did the night before. I thought maybe on your 40th you would wake up needing a face lift. As it turns out, not much has changed. Well except I just realized I should check my license to see if it is expired.

The really big news is our beloved church has officially moved out of 1950 Alpha Drive and into the Rockwall Preforming Arts Center. There is a magical tale here about why we are moving into the PAC and not into our building on Airport Road. It is a story that includes more rain than anyone around here has seen in years, concrete that needs dry conditions and not wet, and a husband that would prefer to never hear the words, “did they pour the foundation yet?” ever again. Anyway, the point of this post is to remember the life that happened for the Griffith’s at 1950 Alpha Drive. And yes, I know the “Chruch” is the people and not the building, but just go with me here.

I first went to Cornerstone because in a moment of weakness I revealed to a friend that I was really unhappy and depressed. It was during a time when we had lost all our friends because we had spent all our money and could not hang with the Jones’ anymore. So new friends were hard to come by. But this friend, (Autumn Woodfield) invited me to church with her. Only having knowledge of Christians from TV and movies, I assumed she would not be my friend anymore if I did not go with her. (Which is not true) So I thought I would give it a shot. Well, a month into going with her, I got saved. Getting saved means that I believed that I needed a savior to fix my relationship with God, and that Jesus was the savior sent by God to well, save me. I actually know the exact moment that it happened, and the exactly place. It was half way through the 11:30 service, June 26th, 2011. Doug was preaching on Mathew 11: 28-30, “Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest.” After 33 years of pulling up my boot straps and trying to do the right thing I was exhausted and the rest Jesus offered finally made sense to me. In that moment, sitting in the third row, two seats away from the black pole in the middle of the room at 1950 Alpha Drive, I was given eternal life and started my relationship with Jesus. Late summer of that year I went public with my faith and got baptized at 1950 Alpha Drive. A few months after that Sydney got saved and got baptized. I will always remember my sweet girl standing in front of the crowd, at 1950 Alpha drive, to go public with her sweet faith.

1950 Alpha Drive was where I learned to use my gift of singing for the Lord. I joined the worship team and learned how to be part of a team. One worship leader taught me how to harmonize and how to worship freely (Dustin Klienshcmidt) and one worship leader taught me how to go deeper with the Lord and really worship from a place of authenticity (Jeff Stewart). 1950 Alpha Drive was also where I learned how to study the bible. I sat in my first bible study listening to a lady(Frani Fox) tell me that God loved me and wanted me to know him. 1950 Alpha Drive was also where I met a girl (Katy Boldroff) who wanted to sit and talk about the Lord with me and did not care that I was chain smoking the whole time. (Calm down, un-clutch your pearls, I was a baby believer, and God came to save sinners not perfect people.)

1950 Alpha drive was were my husband started reluctantly coming to church. There he saw a pastor (Doug Fox) that was real and authentic and not wanting to give a guilt beat down, but was honestly encouraging us all to know the Lord. God also planted an ex-Texas Tech quarterback (Cody Hodges) at 1950 Alpha Drive to show my husband maybe real dudes could love God and still love football. My husband also met a dude (Dustin Klienschmidt) that really wanted him to learn more about God and be in a community group. 1950 Alpha Drive welcomed us in when our marriage disintegrated, and was not afraid of our mess. We sat in separate sections for awhile, but in those walls, when we sat together again, I am pretty sure there where cheers. And the crowd at 1950 Alpha Drive celebrated when my husband gave his life to Christ and went public with his faith and got baptized. And that same crowd at 1950 Alpha Drive celebrated when my husband baptized our son who came to faith by watching his daddy love the Lord.

1950 Alpha Drive was the familiar building that we missed dearly while we were in Michigan at Ethnos 360 (formerly New Tribes Bible Institute). It was the home we decided we needed to come back to. The familiarity of the mysterious buzz in the stage monitors, the pole in the middle of the worship center, the corral, the drinking fountains that were so celebrated when they were put in, the doughnuts, the coffee and the giant coffee maker, the lack of cool air in the summer, and knowing faces were all things that we missed, and things we treasured when we came home.

1950 Alpha Drive was where we came back to after bible school and where we planned to serve. 1950 Alpha Drive was where I learned that serving is about listening to God and loving people. Serving is not about doing things, getting things done, showing off what a good Christian you are, or having a title. 1950 Alpha Drive was were I actually listened to God for maybe the first time and stepped out in faith to teach a bible study. 1950 Alpha Drive was were God showed me that he did have things for me to do, and I needed to just follow him and let go of all the things I thought I need to do for him—This is also know as freedom in Christ, my friends.

1950 Alpha Drive is where I saw my husband come alive after bible school. Serving the people in that building is Jesse’s jam. Making sure things were working, futzing with the A/C, killing bugs, being the go to guy, and having a key for everything is exactly where God wants him. And the culmination of all this was when I saw my husband pour himself out to leave the 1950 Alpha Drive in a godly way and prepare our people to make the transition to new digs. God used 1950 Alpha Drive to show me what a servants heart my Husband has.

1950 Alpha Drive is also the place where I met Laycie for the first time. She was sitting in the back left row with Ashley and Kevin, huge pregnant belly with a forced smile on her face. (I know now it was a forced smile because I know here so much better now) I went on a stealth mission to say a very casual “hi” to her because Ash had given me the heads up that this was, “the girl” that had reached out to Selah Creek that was interested in maybe joining the program. And 1950 Alpha Drive was the place that our new family unit God has pieced together; Jesse, Sarah, Sydney, Brock, Laycie and Kohen; started going to church together.

We all know it is the people of the church that make it great. But as we locked the doors for the last time last week I could not help but be teary eyed even though Doug told us not to be. It’s like leaving a home that you know like the back of your hand. Yes, home is where our people are and the PAC will feel like home soon and eventually our new building will feel like home. Maybe its because on that hallowed ground of 1950 Alpha Drive I met the Lord for the first time. It was my burning bush moment. It was the moment and place that changed our lives forever. Thank you Lord for 1950 Alpha Drive.

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