1 Samuel 1: 1—2: 21

We start another book today!  Look at us go!  Samuel I & II are most likely mostly written by Samuel.  He probably had help later in his life.  All of it was divinely inspired so don’t worry too much about it.  It covers the historical account for the judgeship to the monarch.  The purpose of these books is to record the events that led up to Israel exchanging having Yahweh as their King for a human king like, “All the other nations around them.”  That should trip your warning bells because remember, they are supposed to be different from all the nations around them.

Hannah, and the story of her heartache for a child, then her devotion to the Lord and that child is beautiful.  Mary, the mother of Jesus actually uses part of Hannah’s song in her song.  The statement about her making him a little coat every year really struck me.  Gosh, can you imagine dropping your probably 3-year-old off with Eli and the two idiot sons?  Year after year she must have poured her motherly devotion into that little coat stitch by stitch.  But in the pain of giving up her son to the Lord, she shows us how much she loved the Lord.  She followed through with her vow in a time when people only followed the Lord half-heartedly.  And God blessed her for it by caring for Samuel himself and giving her more children to love.

John 5: 1-23

He we go with syncretism again.  This pool is being worshiped by these sick people as healing water.  It is probably some ancient geyser that bubbles just like the ones at Yellow Stone, but the people had put their faith in this pool instead of God. Anyway, Jesus comes upon this man and says, “Would you like to get well?” He later finds the man and tells him, “I healed you so stop sinning (putting your faith in bubbling water instead of Me).”  This leads to the opportunity for Jesus to declare who He is.  Remember this is the theme for this Gospel, to prove Jesus’ Divinity.  In this beautiful declaration Jesus proves He is not just acting on God’s behalf but is in fact God.  All authority belongs to Him.  This made so much sense to me.  It’s like if Jesus is going to pay the sin debt for all mankind, then of course he gets to be judge!  And because He is about to die to give life to sinners, He gets to give that life to anyone He wants.  It just so happens that He wants to give life to all who believe in Him.  Don’t syncretize this and put your faith in a pool of water that bubbles instead of the Savior of the world.  Your money, church you attend, education, or family will not save you.  They are just bubbling water.  Jesus, He will walk up to and say, “Do you want to get well?”  Your answer should be YES because He has the actual real power to give you life!

Psalm 105

How fun was it to read through this Psalm and know exactly what the Psalmist was talking about.  From Abraham to the wandering in the desert, we have read through all that ourselves! And the end of the Psalm, “All this happened so they would follow his decrees and obey his instructions.” We know why!!  Because if they don’t, they resort to doing what is right in their own eyes.  As a woman I can see that that kind of anarchy does not work out to well for women for sure!

Proverbs 14: 28-29

A king who doesn’t protect his population has nothing.  Mastering your anger leads to you being a mature person. 

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