I Samuel 2: 22—4: 22

In the Levitical Priesthood of Israel, if you knew a priest was sinning and you did nothing to stop it you were just as much to blame as them.  We see in this passage that Eli placed more value on his son’s than he did on the Lord.  Eli had turned his son’s into idols and let them do what they wanted to do.  By the time he was made aware of it, God had already locked them into their decisions and judgement was pending.  I think the take away for us is to know, we can make idols out of anything, even our kids.

God will honor those who honor Him.  The call of Samuel shows us that even when Samuel was scared to death, he still honored God by giving Eli the message.  And from that point on God confirmed Samuel as his prophet.  Remember anyone God sends He will also validate by near and far predictions coming true. 

And we see the Israelites acting on their syncretism of their Covenant with God and the Canaanite belief system.  Even the Philistines say, “they are bringing their gods into camp!”  No Philistines they are not bringing their gods, they are abusing the fact that they have enjoyed the presence of THE ONE AND ONLY GOD.  God will not be used as talisman.  To show He is the power and not the Ark, He allows it to be captured.  I fully believe this is why we have not found the Ark, if we did, we would worship it instead of God.  And because God only honors those who honor Him, his presence leaves the Israelites.  Now, He is still God, they are still His chosen people, but they will not enjoy the benefits of that Covenant now. 

John 5: 24-47

Alrighty, stick with me here.  This is really important.  This section opens with Jesus saying that “believing” in Him will result in eternal life.  In the next paragraph He says those who do “good” will rise to eternal life.  The good He is referring to is not good deeds or philanthropic pursuits.  The good He is talking about is listening and believing in Him.  To prove His point further He says that they search the scriptures, (the OT commands and principles looking for how to please God), and they miss the fact that the Scriptures point to Him.  As we read through the book of Judges don’t you see how people, even with the revelation of God’s commands straight from His mouth are incapable of doing good deeds?  The only good thing we can do is believe in Jesus.  Without Jesus we are just an idol worshipper looking for the next cool idol.  I don’t mean to be harsh, but I don’t want you to miss eternal life with Jesus because you think doing good deeds will get you there.  You get to put your faith in the actual God in of the Universe, not yourself!  Isn’t that such good news????

Psalm 106: 1-12

We will talk about this when we finish it.

Proverbs 14: 30-31

I have never understood a Proverb more clearly than this.  I can attest to the fact that jealousy is like cancer.  It will sap the life right out of you.  I will forever be thankful for the peace that comes with walking with Jesus.  To be able to lay the jealousy down and choose peace is a gift from Him. 

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