I Samuel 15: 1—16: 23

God decides to deliver judgement and is going to Saul to carry it out.  However, remember we talked about if you are going to be God’s judgement rod you must follow his orders.  Saul and his men spared everything that appealed to them.  Good Call Saul strikes again.  My favorite verse might be when Samuel says, “Oh you did everything God said?  What is all this noise?  Oh yeah! It’s the animals you were supposed to kill!!!” (I am paraphrasing) We also have my most favorite word in the bible.  “Obedience is better that sacrifice, and SUBMISSION is better than offering the fat of rams.”  Knowing my personality, you may be shocked that submission is my favorite word.  But this is the sweet spot the Lord wants us in.  Being in full submission to the Lord is the greatest offering we can make.  Saul admits he was in submission to the people around him instead of the Lord.  Well friends, that could be the name of my memoir.  “Doing what people want me to do instead of what God wants me to:  A story of a stressed-out woman always trying to please everyone but God.”  It’s a working title. 

The problem with not submitting to the Lord is it leaves us open to do what we think is right and judge what we think is ok.  But God tells us in verse 7 why that is a bad idea.  After Samuel looks over Jesse’s sons and is impressed by Eliab, God says, “People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”  This is what gets us into trouble.  Saul thought that keeping the plunder made sense and the from the outward appearance it did.  However what God saw in Saul’s heart was a disobedience to His Command.  What Samuel was impressed with Eliab does not mean a lick to God.  David’s heart was the one God could use. 

David is the new king.  We get to follow this story through God grooming him to be king.  It starts with David being the only one that can calm Good Call Saul down. 

John 8: 1-20

I don’t think our two passages have ever been more in line than today.  God judging the heart is the theme of the first story.  It looked right on paper for this woman to be stoned to death, but Jesus is judging the hearts of everyone there.  And when the Pharisee’s are shocked at Jesus claims, he tells them they are missing the mark because they are judging by human standards.

Psalm 110

This Psalm of David is glimpse into the communication between Jesus and God the Father.  In some prophetic way David received this message and recorded it for us.

Proverbs 15: 8-10

As to drive the point home even further, the Lord detests the sacrifice of the wicked.  Uprightness and godliness are the sacrifice he wants from us. 

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