True confessions: In my grogginess this morning I read the April 15th and was so confused as to why there was a guy name Joshua preparing for battle.  It took me a good 10 minutes to realize my error.  It is fully May, getting to the school finish line is adding years to my life.  Teachers, bless you, I cannot imagine what you are going through right now.  I am praying for you. 

1 Samuel 17:1—18: 4

This story is an example of faith for us.  It is not to convince you that you are strong enough to slay giants.  If I see one more t-shirt that says, “I slay giants,” I am going to lose it.  NO! You don’t slay giants, but you know who does?  GOD!  He alone has the power to do it.  When we act on faith and the promises, he makes us we can accomplish the fullness of those promises.  He already promised them victory over the Philistines.  The army of Saul is sitting there not believing God’s promise, so God uses David to kill the Goliath.  You can access the power of God when you are acting on faith and promises he makes.  In your own strength you can do nothing—Happy Wednesday.   

Another example of faith is Jonathan.  God knits their souls together in friendship.  Jonathan is the heir to Saul’s throne, but he submits to God’s choice of David as king.  That is faith right there.  He could have mustered up enough support to claim the throne, but he chooses to act on faith and God promises.  God will empower him to live it out. 

John 8: 21-30

“Is he going to kill himself?”  LOL!  I would love it if the word included, “And Jesus smacked his forehead and said ‘UUGGGHHH!’” But Jesus doesn’t, he just continues to teach them.  If we are being honest though, they are not far from the truth.  He does lay down his life, just not in the suicide way.  He is obedient to the Father to the point of death.

Psalm 111

This is an acrostic poem.  That means that after the intro, each line begins with a letter of the Hebrew Alphabet.  Why does this matter?  Because it means that this was a song written to be easily remembered.  They could recall this like we do with nursery rhymes.  When they forgot who God was and started thinking they could slay giants in their own power they could sing this poem and remember who God is. 

Proverbs 15: 11

I was having a conversation with my cousin just this morning about how hard it is to understand that God has control over death and destruction as well as humans.  The point is he knows it all.  He is not shocked or derailed.  He just keeps spinning this thing down to carry out his ultimate plan of redemption. 

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