I Samuel 18: 5—19: 24

Good Call Saul.  Yesterday we saw Jonathan submit to God’s choice to make David king.  He even took off his robe and put it on David.  Saul however hears this song the people are singing and is enraged that David is stealing his thunder.  Have you ever been in that situation where some young hip cool cat comes in and steals your glory?  You have two choices in that moment.  1.  You can be like Jonathan.  2. You can be like Saul.  Here is a hint if you are having trouble deciding which way to go.  Jealousy will turn you into a broody, grumpy jerk who tries to kill people.  Jealousy eats you from the inside out.  It robs you of joy.  Saul becomes so murderous that God has to give him a time out.  He lays naked on the ground and this prevents him from hunting David down. Also, jealousy must cloud your judgement because I can think of no other reason to ask someone for 100 foreskins as a bridal price.  EEWWWW!

Also, did you catch what Michal had in the house?  That’s right and idol!  So just remember even though they knew the rules to follow, they treated them more like guidelines instead of nonnegotiable.  Thank God that salvation comes from Him and not from our following the rules! 

John 8: 31-59

“Everyone who sins, is a slave to sin.”  We are slaves to sin and we don’t even know it.  When we sin (do something that is offensive to the Perfect God in Heaven) we are acting like Satan the father of lies.  He fell from heaven because he was prideful and wanted God’s Glory.  Satan tempted man to sin in the garden by lying to Eve.  He is responsible for the fall of man.  We are responsible for acting like him instead of acting like Jesus.  Saying to the crowd that they are not acting like Abraham’s children is like the biggest burn Jesus could have laid down.  They have put their faith in their lineage.  But Jesus tells them if you really were children of Abraham you would know me and know God sent me.  They are so tied up and enslaved to their sin that they can’t even see clearly.  Only by putting our faith in Jesus do we finally see that we have been enslaved.  Don’t feel like you are slave you say?  Well try for one day in your own power to uphold the 10 commandments.  You will quickly realize that you are a slave to your sin nature, your flesh and your desires.  Jesus can set you free from that!  You just have to believe in Jesus. 

Psalm 112

This is a song that can be sung when you need to remember the blessings you will receive by behaving in a godly way.  It is an acrostic poem just like the one yesterday.

Proverbs 15: 12-14

Pastor Doug always says that hurt people hurt people and saved people save people.  That popped into my mind when I read that a glad heart makes a happy face; a broken heart crushes the spirit.  A broken heart can be one that is ruled by jealousy and pride.  If that is your boss you will crush the spirits around you because that is the only way you can hold on to your jealousy and pride.  Don’t do it!  Be free to make happy faces all around you!

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