1 Samuel 22: 1—23: 29

I love how David forms this little following that can best be described as a Hippy Nation.  These Hippies can be categorized as in trouble, in debt and discontented.  If you were expecting God to surround David with a bunch of perfect holy warriors, you will be sadly disappointed.  Isn’t this good news though?  In God’s economy, cast offs got to be around the real king.  He takes them on a journey to grow them into His followers.  Meanwhile, back in the human economy Good Call Saul decides it is a good call to kill all of the Priests of Nob.  Also, it really feels like I am using my college degree today because I have Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics.  Obviously, I am super qualified to talk about economies. 

Remember, David has already been anointed as king.  If God wanted to, he could strike down Saul and use a magic carpet to escort David onto the throne.  But as we learned from the Israelites God is so much more concerned with journey that teaches dependence on HIM.  This is the journey David and the hippies are on.  They are literally in hiding dependent on God to warn them when Saul is close.   And guess what?  The journey looks different, but this is the same journey He has us on. 

John 10: 1-21

Jesus is the shepherd at the gate.  When you enter the gate, you are in his care.  He would lay down his life to care for you.  (In fact, he did lay down his life.)  It is popular today to say that God is all love, and everyone goes to heaven.  But if you believe that the Bible is the actual Word of God, then that idea is proven wrong by His Word. 

Here is a lesson on this from our farm.  We have to make sure the fencing is secure and that there is only one way into the goat pen.  If we don’t there will be coyotes, bobcats and wild dogs just waiting to get in to get our goats.  If there are a million ways in there, there is no way to protect the goats.  Having one way in and making sure the fence is secure is how we love them and keep them safe.  But also having one way in shows the goats exactly where to go when they need safety.  They don’t have to guess what pen theirs is, they know it by the one-way in.  If we made them have to guess every day, they would invariably end up in trouble. 

Notice the “one gate” at the back of the pen. Ignore the chickens, I have no control over them.

Do you see what I mean?  Having one way in is God’s protection over us and his mercy for us.  WE DON’T HAVE TO GUESS WHICH GATE LEADS TO HEAVEN, JESUS IS IT!!! 

Psalm 115

In this Psalm the Psalmist declares that those who make idols will become just as lifeless as the carved image.  Oh, how I wish this was only true for the Israelites, but it’s not.  You become just like whatever you worship. 

Proverbs 15: 18-19

Have you ever had a lazy day where you just don’t do the jobs (laundry, dishes, and chores)?  And then when you are forced to actually get up to make dinner or something you are impeded by the pile of dishes, the people crying for clean clothes and the animals howling that they need food?  Laziness will always catch up with you. 

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