1 Samuel 29: 1—31: 13

God takes care of David and orchestrates circumstances to place David on the side of Israel.  God has not grown up this mighty warrior to let the Philistines use him!  Gosh, there is a lesson there right?  God will not walk us through trials for nothing.  It is all for a purpose.  Also don’t miss the most important character trait of David, “But David found strength in the Lord his God.” When David is in this sweet spot, he is fully relying and seeking the Lord. 

Did you know “Share and share alike,” was in the bible?  I thought that was something we said to toddlers who were about to drop the hammer on their friend for taking something.  Sharing is a biblical principle. 

Saul, exhibiting his independence from the Lord to the end, takes his own life to escape any more suffering.  The Israelites have forgotten where their power actually comes from.  Just because Saul is gone does not mean they are powerless!  The God of all creation is willing to fight for them, they just have to worship Him alone.

John 11: 55—12: 19

Well here we are again with Mary and Martha.  Martha serves and Mary anoints for burial.  Martha’s service is one sentence in length and Mary’s story is told in the gospels.  Martha is helpful for sure!  I a mean they need to eat.  Mary’s worship left her in a humiliating position, but it was something that would be with her forever.  Declaring to the room that Jesus was worthy of her bottle of expensive oil, put her squarely in Jesus’ protection.  He defends her and tells them she is doing the right thing.  Is there anything more precious that?  Nothing would give me more pleasure than if in this story Martha looks squarely at Jesus and says, “You can feed 5000, I believe you can feed this room of people.  Will you do it? Because I also have oil and want to be free to sit at your feet.”  You can imagine why I wish that for her right?  Because I have had to say those very words to Jesus myself. (not about oil and anointing his feet but you catch my drift.) 

Psalm 118: 1-18

This Psalm would have been sung at the triumphant entry we read about in John today.  The words used are very similar and this Psalm was written to be sung at Passover festival.  What is really cool is tomorrow when we read the end of this Psalm it says, “Open for me the gates where the righteous enter, and I will go in and thank the Lord.”  Jesus taught us in Saturday’s reading that He is the GATE!!!  Mind blown!

Proverbs 15: 27-28

The Lord is not with the proud.  In fact, God is in the business of breaking down your pride to show you that He is the Lord. 

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