2 Samuel 17: 1-29

“Good Call Absalom,” does not have the same ring as “Good Call Saul,” but we are operating with the same kind of wrong thinking.  Knowing what we know now about our sin nature, we should all have a healthy skepticism of anything that “seems” right to us.  Absalom did not get that memo because he chucked God, and good sense out the window when he started this farce.  Despite his rebellion the Lord does move in the situation so that Hushai’s advice is followed.  He is still sovereign even if we tell him he is not in charge. 

I would be lying if I said I didn’t totally understand Ahithophel’s reaction to his advice being ignored.  I am such a control freak I can’t stand it when I give someone well thought out advice and they ignore it and do what they want.  I’m all like, “Why do I even bother to tell you what to do?  I guess you are just going to do what you want.”  But I want to try to remember that Absalom followed Hushai’s advice because the Lord was at work.  Maybe, when I give someone advice and they don’t follow it, it’s because God is moving them in a way that I am not aware of.  Or maybe they just don’t want me bossing them but, whatever.

John 19: 23-42

I love that Jesus took care of his mother in the last moments of the crucifixion.  Because His death and resurrection was going to blow the religious leaders minds, he knew that she would not be safe unprotected.  They would for sure want to shut her up.  Also, what a heat check that John refers to himself as the “disciple He loved.”  Can I start calling myself “the blogger He loved?”  Too far? Ok, I repent.    

After Jesus gives up His Spirit the religious leaders get all oogy about the bodies staying up there.  They thought that leaving the dead bodies out defiled the land and they wanted everything to be perfect for their Passover Festival.  That is all well and good but here is the sad part.  The last Passover had just happened, and they missed it.  The Passover Festival was given to the Israelites to remind them of God saving them from Egypt.  It also taught them that salvation come from God and what it would look like when He finally sent the Lamb of God that would take away the sins of the world.  Perfect, no blemish, no broken bones.  But because of the fact that they had long since placed their faith in their ability to follow the Law and not in God, they missed the Perfect Passover. 

Psalm 119: 129-152

“The teaching of your word gives light, so even the simple can understand.”  This is such an encouragement to me as I have endeavored to read and write about God’s word every day.  It really is not up to me to understand.  I am for sure not any smarter than anybody else, but I am willing to be a learner.  And that gives light to the scriptures.  We all have access to this.  That is because we love a God who wants to be known by us.  There is no fumbling around in the dark with God, He puts it all out in the light for us. 

Proverbs 16: 12-13

A king who loves the Lord will love righteousness.  After reading about the Roman Governors and looking around at our world’s current events, I get the feeling this ship has sailed.  And guess what?  It is ok that the current leaders of the world don’t love and follow the Lord’s teaching because God is still in charge.  He still put them there on purpose to keep the chaos at bay, and He still uses them to carry out His story.  Make sure your faith remains with the Lord and not world leaders. 

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