1 Kings 7: 1—51

Look, my brain does not compute all these descriptions of the temple.  So I went to the very holy of holies, “youtube” and found this video.  It is narrated with some sort of Old English translation, but you can really see what these verses would look like in real life. 

Acts 7: 30-50

Stephen’s sermon is the longest recorded in the New Testament.  This makes me feel like Stephen and I would have been friends since as my husband put it yesterday, “You could not write a thought out in 120 words if someone paid you.”  Thanks?  Stephen gets it.  But what has me excited today is that this glorious timeline that Stephen is talking about is a synopsis of God’s Glorious Timeline of Redemption.  It is a great summary of all the goings on of the OT that have led up to this point.  This timeline thing is kind of what I geek out about and you are going to hear me talk a lot more about in the future.  The message I want to get out into the world is that your ordinary life, your day to day, your middlemarch matters so much because it fits into God’s Glorious Timeline of Redemption. 

Psalm 128: 1-6

I wonder if Jesse thinks I am a fruitful grapevine, flourishing within his home?  Or does he see me more as a mad hornet ready to sting him when he gets home?  How about you?  Are you a grapevine or a hornet?

Proverbs 16: 31-33

This warmed my heart today.  In a world that tells us that getting old is a sign of weakness, God tells us that a long life and grey hair is the result of godly living.  I have a dear friend who let her hair go grey after a lifetime of coloring it.  This made me think of how she can be so proud of it because the fact that she has lived long enough to have grey hair is a sign of godliness. 

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