1 Kings 12: 20—13: 34

We have a split kingdom and golden calves again.  We all read Leviticus and Deuteronomy, right?  Anyone surprised that God was angry about not just one calf but two?  They don’t do anything by halves do they?  Setting up this second places of worship was a power grab by Jeroboam.  He did not want them falling into the hands of Rehoboam.  And the birth of denominations is in verse 12: 28: It is too much trouble for you to worship in Jerusalem (the way God asked you too).  In the next verse it says they had no trouble traveling as far as Dan to worship their Idols.  So this was about worshipping God their way, not God’s way.  We who are reading this are not the same as Israel, God has a different plan for us, but we have to see that we have the same tendency.  I want to worship God this way: Bam! Denomination.  I want to worship God this way: Bam! Denomination.  And so on and so on until there is so much false worship and paganism that no one really knows what the real worship of God looks like.  That is why God was smart enough to give us the bible.  We can always go back to that and see what kind of worship actually pleases him.  After they deviated from what God commanded the rest of their actions are just imitations of the real thing. 

God in his kindness sent a man of God to correct them.  This man of God is not just armed with a message he will also end up as an illustration.  The illustration is “Follow God’s commands and do not deviate no matter what so called prophets tell you.  If not, you are sinned and Sin=Death.”  If God wanted this man of God to deviate from the original orders, He would have told him so Himself.  The thing is the old prophet meant well, but God’s Word must trump everything.  Thank God we have the Word of God.  I don’t know about you but there are lots of thoughts in my head that I think are God, but find out as I study the word, um, nope!  Most of them are was just my sin nature wanting my way. 

Acts 9: 26-43

Spoiler Alert!  Yesterday I called the “Saul” who got knocked off the donkey “Paul.”  Saul is Paul, but a transition is happening for him.  (No, not that kind of transition!)  He is being conformed into the image of Christ and eventually we will know Saul as Paul.  Sorry for jumping ahead.  Nobody believed Saul had been converted so the disciples thought it best to send him home so he does not get murdered.  This is where that transition will happen.  He will get the training he needs to be the missionary to the Gentiles.  Shoot!  I am jumping ahead again!

Jesus in his kindness, uses Peter to authenticate the Apostles message.  Remember the Messiah would be able to raise people from the dead.  The fact that Peter raised Dorcas (unfortunate name) from the dead gives all the Apostles the Jesus stamp of approval.  Remember also that if someone is giving you a message from the Lord, Jesus will ALWAYS authenticate it with near and far predictions.  If the near one comes true, the far one will too. 

Guys I have so much writing to do this summer that I am not going to recap the Psalm and the Proverb every day.  If something jumps out, I will for sure!  Otherwise just read it and let beautiful poetry and wise counsel sink into your soul. 

Psalm 132: 1-18

Proverb 17: 6

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