2 Kings 9:14—10:31

Sometimes I feel shocked by how bloody things get when God’s judgement reigns down.  However, when we see what sin does and how it entraps people, we should not be shocked.  70 heads in a basket seems completely over dramatic to us, but that is because we are so used to justifying our sin.  God is not playing when he says, “Follow my Law, or you will receive my judgement.”  In some ways I think he does make judgement dramatic, but it’s to get our attention.

I love the Baal worship sting operation Jehu sets up.  He was vigilant against idol worship.  But even Jehu falls into sin and cannot follow the Law.  Again, I hate to sound like a broken record, but these stories are to teach us that WE CANNOT FOLLOW THE LAW.  We see these people try over and over.  Only to follow their own desires and worship Baal.  Remember what Baal worship entails?  (Having sex with different partners to get Baal to do what you want him to.)  This sounds a lot better to our sin nature than putting our faith in God who is asking us to say no to our sin nature and put our faith in Him. 

Acts 17: 1-34

I got so excited when I read about what Paul is telling the people he is evangelizing to.  He is explaining the prophecies that proved that Jesus had to suffer and rise from the dead.  He is explaining God’s Glorious Timeline of redemption!!!!  I believe I may have mentioned that this is what I am writing about right now…..maybe I have told you about that once or twice?  LOL.

Pax Romana is the law of the Roman government that says as long as you are not trying to cause a rebellion against Caesar you can worship whoever you want.  That is how these “troublemakers” keep getting our missionary friends in trouble.  They keep telling the government that they are whipping up trouble.  Which they are not.  And PS. Every time they get persecuted, they move to the next town, there by moving the gospel out even father. 

We also read about the “Twitter” of the Greco Roman world.  These people would gather around and discuss things and new ideas.  They loved a new idea or new thinker.  In walks Paul and says, “You see this statue of the “unknown God?  Well he actually created you and loves you and can be known by you.  He does not need anything from you, but he wants to you know him.  He is outside of creation because he is the Creator.”  That is like the greatest mic drop of all time.  Now the Romans get hung up on the resurrection, but some do believe and follow the Lord. 

Psalm 144: 1-15

Proverbs 17: 27-28

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