2 Kings 20: 1—22: 2

Hezekiah’s character is revealed to us in the way he responds to the news that he is going to die.  He turns away from the people in the room and seeks the Lord.  It is beautiful.  He does not have Isaiah killed and then send someone out to bring back a pagan healer.  He submits to it because he knows the Lord is in charge of it.  It’s not like he liked it.  It says he wept bitterly.  But this is godly character revealed—you don’t like something, but you deny yourself and submit to it by taking your feelings to God.  God honors that by granting him more time to live.  And God also authenticates His message by turning the time back on the sun dial. 

Babylon……you should read that and sing to yourself: dun dun dduuunnnn.  This is ominous.  God was clear that they did not get to live in the Land if they did not follow Him.  This is a stern warning that the Land was about to spit them out.  And then Manasseh is like, “Don’t know, don’t care, bring on all the pagan worship.”  God even sent a warning saying, “I am about to reject my own people.”  But God’s Chosen People have totally rejected Him.  Because we reap what we sow, judgement is coming. 

Acts 21: 18-36

Poor Paul gets beaten again today.  He was trying to placate the Jews, but they united against Him.  These are all false accusations because Paul knows exactly how the Law relates to Jesus.  He knows that Jewish believers will want to follow the Law out of worship for the Lord because the Law perfectly reflects God’s character.  His only discrepancy is that the animal sacrifice is finished because Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice to end all sacrifices.  And Paul will straight slap you if you say the Law can save you.  Well maybe he wouldn’t, I added that for emphasis.  The Law was given to Israel so they would see their need for a Savior. 

As I was reading how irate these people are and inconsolable, I could not stop thinking of that song “Scandal of Grace,” by Hillsong.  It truly was a scandal.  People were indignant about it.  But remember it was only a scandal to them because they had elevated their ability to follow the Law above their need for a Savior.  They decided somewhere along the way that they could be holy enough.  So yeah, someone saying, “You can’t be holy enough and the Law was only meant to show you that,” is VERY scandalous!

Psalm 150: 1-6 

We have read through the entire book of Psalms!  Today is the last one.  Tomorrow it starts at Psalm 1.  Way to go!

Proverbs 18: 9-10

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  1. They decided somewhere along the way that they could be holy enough.

    Wow. That’s a powerful sentence right there! 🙌🏻

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