2 Kings 22: 3—23: 30

The formal worship of the Lord was so forgotten that they actually misplace the Law.  But this awesome guy, Hilkiah, found it.  God’s Chosen People were so busy running after fake gods and participating in false worship that they had completely laid aside the Word of God given to them so they would remember and be able to teach all future generations how to worship the Lord.  This is why we read about all the things that awesome king Josiah had to clean up.  From Asherah poles to an entire brothel of temple prostitutes, he cleaned them up because he had the Word of God to compare things too.  King Josiah looked at the Word and read, “Have no other gods but Me.”  He let that sink in, then looked around at the pantheon of gods the Israelites have collect and said, “Destroy all this fake crap!”  Ok he probably did not say “crap” because only people from Michigan use this word as a non-cuss noun.  But you get the point. 

Ok, imagine me grabbing you by the shoulders and looking you right in your face: WE HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM TODAY.  Right now, sitting on my bookshelf are no less than 10 Bibles in different translations.  Not to mention google at my fingertips.  The Word of God is not hidden from us, but we all lay it aside.  “I don’t understand it.  It is too old.  That was something my parents read.  I don’t agree with what is in the Bible.”  All these excuses lead to us not knowing for ourselves what is in the Bible.  And if you don’t read God’s Word for yourself you will end up with a bunch of false gods in your life just like the Israelites did.  We are silly, fickle beings that have the ability to talk ourselves into just about every kind of sin.  Only when we interact with the Word of God are we trained to fight our sinful nature.  GET IN THE WORD!  I realize I am preaching to the choir since you are reading this having committed to read through the Bible in a year, but I want you to see why this is so important!!!

Acts 21: 37—22: 16

As I have documented thoroughly on here, I am writing a book on the Glorious Timeline of Redemption that we are all on.  So, when I see Paul use, as his defense, his own personal timeline of redemption I am so encouraged.  When we look back at what God has done in our lives we are encouraged to move forward in faith.  God never asked you to just blindly believe in Him.  He builds a relationship with you over time, so you learn He is trustworthy and loving.  He never asks you to look back in shame.  If you do that you are making it about you.  God never shames you for where you have been.  In fact, He is never surprised.  He knew right where you would be and what you would be doing and He showed up because He is Good, not because we are.  Paul could have wallowed in the fact that he persecuted innocent people of the church, but instead he uses it to show how Good God is!!

Psalm 1

(We finished the book of Psalms so it starts over now.)

Proverbs 18: 11-12 

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