1 Chronicles 1: 1—2: 17

Well, if you dig genealogies, you should be super excited.  I would never say the Bible is boring because all scripture is in here on purpose and was directed by God.  But is it ok for me to say that I just take God at His word that He preserved the lineage so that everything perfectly lined up and Jesus came from the correct people?  It’s not that I can’t geek out over who is in the lineage.  I mean for sure if you ever thought that you had to be perfect to be loved by God a quick glance at the genealogies sets you straight.  Jesus’ family tree has some people in it that I am sure were on the OT version of Jerry Springer.  But I digress.  The purpose of I and II Chronicles is to record the history of God’s Chosen People, Israel.  It goes back to their roots in Adam and goes all the way to the end of the Exile when king Cyrus of Persia gives them permission to go back into the Land.  There is also a big focus on how to worship God.  The Levitical priest hood and temple worship are covered extensively.  Perhaps discipline in the form of Exile will cause you to pay attention to what God told you to in the first place, am I right?

The author is unknow and is just referred to as “The Chronicler.”  That seems to me to be like the OT description of a blogger.  Don’t think for one second that I am not going to try to get ya’ll to refer to me as the “The Chronicler,” instead of a blogger.  The Sarah Griffith Chronicles seems to make good sense. 

The book was written sometime around 400 BC.  There is one major accusation against this book.  Smart theological people seem to think that this book white washes Israel’s history.  For example, David’s affair with Bathsheba is not mentioned.  But since the point of this book is to record the genealogies, history and recount the how the temple worship works, it does not seem like airing all the dirty laundry is necessary.  Plus, we have 1 and 2 Kings to give us all the sordid details. 

Acts 23: 11-35

Don’t you for one second think that God will not show up to encourage you if He puts you in a situation that feels overwhelming.  I go nuts when people say, “God will never give you more than you can handle.”  ARE YOU KIDDING????  God will exactly give you more than you can handle so you have to reach your arms out to Him and depend fully on Him.  I can only imagine how Paul felt in this moment.  None of the craziness of the Jews makes any sense.  They know him, he has been in the temple with them his whole life.  And yet they are more dangerous to him than this Roman government whose only claim to fame is, “Yeah, we invented crucifixion, the most horrible way to die.”  And God shows up for Paul and says, “You are doing exactly the right thing.  I am getting you to Rome.  Keep telling people about Me.”  Then we get to trace through all the sovereign ways God moves the Gospel into Rome.  But first it goes up the chain of command of these Roman officials.  Isn’t that so cool to see??

Psalm 3

Proverbs 18: 14-15

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