I Chronicles 2: 18—4: 4

I am experimenting with making timelines because, as I have documented:  I am the timeline girl.  In yesterday’s reading we saw this timeline:

The above timeline is the Patriarch Timeline.  These were the people God worked through to make Himself known to the surrounding nations.  He made Covenants with these guys that defined how God will deal with sin and the fallen world.  These covenants were the starting illustration of the fact that the world needed a Savior and what that Savior would do when he arrived on the Redemption timeline. 

In today’s reading we saw this timeline:

In one of those covenants that God made with the Patriarchs, He declared that the Promised Savior would come from the line of Judah.  So that is why the timeline today is so important.  God is showing us that He is faithful to His word.  At this point in the timeline there are still quite a few years that will elapse before Jesus, but the waiting world would be able to authenticate Jesus through this timeline. 

Acts 24: 1-27

Remember, they are accusing Paul of stirring up trouble because everyone is acquainted with Pax Romana.  This was the law of the land that said, “You can worship whoever you want to as long as you don’t stir up trouble and revolt against Cesar.  If you start a rebellion the Roman Army will come in a crush you like a grape, and then burn your town down.”  This was the one thing citizens were afraid of.  So of course, these haters of Paul will use that trump card. 

I love how God reveals to us that Felix was familiar with “The Way” and called Paul in to tell them more about it.  BUT Felix was also in it for financial gain because one of the reasons he keeps calling Paul in is because he thinks Paul might bribe him.  LOL—you got the wrong guy.  This dude has no money and is in your custody just so his own countrymen won’t kill him.  He’s got nothing to give you Felix BUT the truth.  And that’s it isn’t it?  People just need us to tell them about Jesus.  But I also love how this shows that God works in and through our sin nature.  Felix is a little greedy, but God is still using him to get the Gospel out to the ends of the earth.  That is very encouraging to this sinful writer who is writing this right now.

Psalm 4: 1-8

Proverbs 18: 16-18

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