1 Chronicles 12: 19—14: 17

The story that stood out to me today in this section was when king David wanted to bring the Ark back to Jerusalem, and Uzziah was a casualty.  David mistakenly planned all this pomp and grandeur to bring the Ark back and forgot what the Lord had actually ordained for transporting the Ark.  Remember back in Deuteronomy?  Acacia poles, blue coverings, um….LEVITES.  Don’t we all do this though?  We are like, “Lord!  I love you so much I am going to honor you in a way that makes perfect sense to me and totally disregards the Lord.”  This is why He tells us exactly how to honor Him.  Otherwise, people get struck down because they get too close to the Ark and mistakenly think God needs “help” to steady His Ark.  (which he does not)

Romans 1: 1-17

MY FAVORITE BOOK OF THE BIBLE.  I am also dedicating this section of the One Year Bible Recap to my friend Shelia who loves this book too! I think I love this book so much because I am living this book out in real-time.  (Spoiler—you are too reader) 

Paul, in this book, makes the most beautiful argument for being saved by faith alone and living the Christian life by faith.  Literally, law schools all over the country make their students study the structure of this argument.  Paul starts in the first section with the Introduction in Romans 1: 1-17.  Then He tells us why all humanity is condemned because of sin in Romans 1: 18—3: 20.  Then He tells us how God intervened and gave us the Righteousness we need to be right with Him in Romans 3: 21—5: 21.  Then He tells us how to walk out this new Righteousness through a process called Sanctification in Romans 6:1—8: 39.  Then he tells us about God and Israel’s relationship and why it matters to us Gentiles in Romans 9: 1—11: 36.  Then He tells us how to live out our Transformed Christian Life in Romans 12: 1—15: 13.  Then he concludes in Romans 15: 14—16: 27.  I have been stuck in that first section, condemned by my sin, lost in hopelessness.  I have had God absolutely interrupt my life and show me that I needed His Righteousness to be right.  And I am currently walking in this process of Sanctification, which I don’t think ever actually stops because this is the crux of living that transformed life described in the Christian life section.

A few notes.  The letter to the Romans is written to “all of you in Rome who are loved by God and are called to be His own holy people.”  The purpose for writing is a “same page meeting” of sorts.  This church in Rome was most likely started by someone who heard Peter preach at Pentecost.  In the interim so much bad teaching has already taken hold and Paul does not want to see anyone miss the forest for the trees, or miss the tree for the forest?  I don’t know but what is happening is false teachers are adding to the Message and are over complicating it.  Salvation is by faith in Jesus, that’s it.  Now living out that Transformed life Paul talks about in this book is something different.  It is a whole lot of denying your sinful self and choosing to do what God says.  But we do this, BECAUSE we have been made right with God, NOT TO GET RIGHT WITH GOD. 

Psalm 9: 13-20

Proverbs 19: 4-5

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