1 Chronicles 15: 1—16:36

This is life with God right here.  You seek Him, He might have to correct you (Uzziah’s death when David tried to move the Ark how he wanted to), you take the correction and then do things God’s way.  David reveals his character in his actions after being discipline.  He rounds up the Levites and puts the God ordained worship back together.  No more doing it how he thinks is best.  He longs to do it Gods way.  It is really beautiful to see someone who has been disciplined by God, move closer to Him because they know He is the source of all truth and righteousness.  It is heartbreaking to see people reject God’s discipline and turn away from Him because they are too proud to admit they did something wrong.

Romans 1: 18-32

In the next 4 days of reading Paul is going to show us why the whole of humanity is condemned before God because of sin.  The first witness Paul calls to the stand is the whole of creation.  God’s invisible qualities are revealed in the intricacies of creation.  We can see those qualities and know there is a God who had to make them.  But humanity did not see creation and worship God.  They chose idol worship.  For us reading this now we don’t so much carve half animal half human statues, we have come up with all different kinds of unseen gods to worship idly.  Fake gods like science and theories that say God is not the creator, fame and fortune and money.   

And so, when you see creation and reject God, He does not squish you like a bug, He lets you have your way.  He turns you over to the control of your mind.  The problem is apart from God you will become so dark and vile.  The further away you move from His Holiness the darker you become, until you are driven only by your shameful desires.  And Paul says worse yet, you drag other people down with you.  Without God, our minds will lead us to death because of the sin nature we were all born with. 

Psalm 10: 1-15

Proverbs 19: 6-7

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