1 Chronicles 22: 1—23: 32

There is nothing I love more than seeing someone prepare for the future.  There is nothing more frustrating to me than someone who says, “In the future I am going to _____” but then does nothing to move toward that end.  I am going to sound like a cliché motivational poster, but this principle is true: Achieving desired goals is 1% goal setting and 99% planning.  So, to see David have a desire to build the Temple, be denied the actual building rights, only to then prepare and plan for Solomon to build it was so encouraging for me.  Sometimes God just snaps His fingers and makes stuff happen for us.  Sometimes He grows us by giving us a desire and asking us to yield to His will and walk the necessary planned steps to get to that goal.  PS: It’s almost like a timeline—hint hint, wink wink. 

Romans 3: 9-31

Yesterday we learned that knowing the rules and following them does not make us right with God.  In fact, knowing right and wrong actually condemns us before God.  For the Jews, they received the Ten Commandments as a divine covenant and they showed us that all humanity is not able to follow God’s rules, if left to our own power and choice. If you could follow the Law, it would mean you were free of your sin nature.  However, if you are breathing and reading this you are not in fact free of your sin nature.  As Paul says, “The law simply shows us how sinful we are.”  So, if you are stuck in a cycle of trying to follow the Law for God—get out!  That is not the point of the Law! 

So, now we know.  Apart from God we can do nothing but have sinful thoughts that lead to sinful lives driven by sinful desires.  We know right and wrong and every time we do something we know is wrong we accrue a sin debt to God.  We cannot be made right with God by following the Law because we can’t follow the law in our own strength.  So, what do we do?  Is it all over for us?

NO!  Because we are loved by the Creator of all of the universe.  He is Perfect and cannot just sweep that sin debt we have built up under the rug.  In verse 3: 21 Paul tells us about the greatest thing ever to happen for sinners.  “BUT NOW GOD…”  God knew we could not follow the law.  He knew left to our own thoughts and desires we would choose sin.  So HE made a way for us to be right with Him.  All those times the gavel fell—boom!—and sin debt was added to our account, God sent His Son Jesus to take that debt.  He was a Glorified Scape Goat.  He took the sin debt of the world.  And when you say, “Jesus I believe in what you did on the Cross, I put my faith in you alone” you are—boom!—PAID IN FULL—SIN DEBT FREE!!! 

Now that we have been made right with God, Paul is going to teach us what place the Law has in our life and how to live this new “made right with God apart from the Law” life. 

Psalms 12: 1-8

Proverbs 19: 13-14

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