1 Chronicles 26: 12—27: 34

You know what I see in this portion of the scripture reading today?  Order.  Structure and everyone knowing their place leads to peace and prosperity.  It is only when people usurp power, do wars start.  God put order in the nation of Israel to reflect His Character.  He put order in the Church to reflect His Character.  He put order in marriages to reflect His Character.  When we adhere to the God ordained order, we have peace and prosperity in all these things.  When we don’t, we have exile, church splits, and divorce. 

Romans 4: 13—5: 5

Finishing up chapter 4, that expanded our understanding of how faith saves, Paul says here that Abraham never questioned God’s promise.  Now, He did question the “how” but never “if” God would do what he said.  We know he questioned the how because there was a little incident with an Egyptian maid that resulted in a wild donkey dude named Ishmael.  But even in that we see Abraham still believed he would be the father of nations like God said.  God just had to teach him to be patient and wait for HIM to bring about the fulfillment. 

On to chapter 5.  It starts with a “therefore.”  In bible school they taught us, “Whenever you see a therefore you have to ask yourself what it is there for.”  Get it?  So, this “therefore” is saying, “Because we are saved by faith and not by the law,” we now have peace and an undeserved privilege.  We can face problems and not waiver in the “if” but journey through the how just like Abraham did.  That is all problems and trials are really.  Just things that come up to help us develop the strength needed to wait on God and not grab an Egyptian maid to help God along. 

Psalm 14: 1-7

Proverbs 19: 17

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