2 Chronicles 6:12—8:10

I loved all the insight we got in this section for what went on at the dedication of the Temple.  The beginning of his prayer really stood out to me because I think it is such a good declaration of God’s character.  He does not keep the covenant He has made with Israel based on their obedience; he keeps the covenant to all who walk before Him in wholehearted devotion.  This truth applies to us, Gentiles, as well.  Devotion (faith) is all that is required of us in order for God to keep the promises He made through Jesus.  And we see that through the pages of the OT that what Solomon says here is true.  We know He will keep His Covenant because we have traveled through these pages and watched Him be faithful and show His unfailing love when devoted hearts were involved.  (and we also see what happens to un-devoted hearts)

Romans 7: 14—8:8

OMGosh!  I got up early today because I could not wait to write about this section of Romans!!  Yes, I am a bible nerd, and I don’t care who knows it!

Yesterday, Paul explained to us that the Law given to Moses and the Israelites was never meant to be the thing that saved us.  God gave them the Law so they would understand His holiness and humans’ sinfulness.  The Law is not bad, sin is bad.  The Law exposes sin in us.  But because God would not leave us dead in the Law, we died to the Law when we died with Christ.  And now we are free of it because we are alive with Christ.  We were married to the Law, the Law died, we remarried Christ, and now we are with Him in life. 

But here is the catch.  Our sin nature is so pervasive in our minds that once we get saved by Jesus a war starts in our minds.  When we have a relationship with Jesus, we see how good the Law is, and we want to follow it because it reflects Jesus.  But then we see our neighbors’ new boat.  You know, the one that has the sweet sound system, and all the bells and whistles.  And we think, “Gosh, I need that boat.  Why do they have that boat and I don’t?  Forget worshiping God on Sunday, I am going to work an extra day so I can buy a boat better than my neighbors.”  And this kind of thinking goes on over and over.  You know God is good and you want to do what He says is right, but you end up doing what your sin nature wants.  Like in the example above, you covet. 

The answer is partnering with Jesus to gain ground in this war in your mind.  But this war is not fought like traditional wars.  This is a war in your mind.  If you can gain ground in your mind, you don’t have to worry about sin because if you don’t think sinfully you will not act sinfully.  But it is a war you have to fight in the quiet.  You have to have enough quiet time in your day to take inventory of your thoughts.  You have to wage war on those sinful thoughts and line them up with what you know to be true of God.  You have to have enough quiet time in your day to get to know your General who is directing this war, that is Jesus.  Jesus came for this very reason, to set us free of the power of sin.  You have to fill your mind with what I call “God thoughts,” and they crowd out sinful thoughts.  The way to get “God thoughts” is to do exactly what you did before you read this, read your Bible.  

Psalm 18: 1-15

Proverbs 19: 24-25

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