2 Chronicles 8: 11—10:19

This recording of Solomon moving his Egyptian wife stood out to me.  It was just one of those confusing things that makes you think, “This is recorded for a reason but I don’t get it.”  That is where the trusty Bible Knowledge Commentary comes in handy.  People who are way smarter than me dive into the text and through a thorough editing process (many smart people discussing it) come up with a reasonable explanation.  Look what I found in the BKC today:

Though the chronicler did not relate how the daughter of the Egyptian king (Pharaoh Siamun of Dynasty 21?) had become Solomon’s wife, the fact that she had implies the political strength and status of Israel’s king for he must have been regarded by Pharaoh as at least his equal.[1]

So, take that in.  The Israelites had been slaves to the Egyptians.  The Israelites escaped Egyptian rule because of God’s Glorious intervention.  The recording of this Egyptian bride is important because it shows how powerful Israel had become.  In Pharaoh’s eyes, the Israelites were escaped slaves not worthy of his daughter.  But also, in Pharaoh’s eyes he wanted to be aligned with the Israelites because of the power of the nation.  And what did God promise?  To make them a great nation.  This shows God’s faithfulness to His Promises.  Israel has become so great that Pharaoh is humbled enough to let his daughter marry Solomon.  (Now, side note: “Only marry Israelites seems to be over looked here.  But again, your heart posture matters to God, and He knew no one could follow the Law, it was there to show sin.  Which it does a good job of.)

Romans 8: 9-25

Yesterday Paul told us about how there is a war going on in our minds.  We want to follow the Law because it reflects God, but we inevitably do what is wrong because of our sin nature.  Today Paul teaches us about the power of the Spirits and how the Spirit gives us the power to win this war in our minds.  When we are indwelt with the Spirit we are no longer under the obligation of sin.  It can yell at us and tell us what it wants us to do all it wants but we don’t have to listen.  People who don’t have the Spirit do have to listen because they do not possess the power to overcome sin.  But believers are God’s children and they have the power to just say no to sin.  (I feel like Nancy Reagan in the 80’s with the Just Say No campaign that taught us drugs are bad)

We are given His Spirit not just so we know we are His children but also because His Spirit helps us to endure suffering until we get to Heaven to be with Him for Eternity.  Hear me now!!! If anyone has told you that being a Christian is a cake walk and you will get everything you ever wanted and never suffer—THEY LIED TO YOU.  All of Creation is steeped in sin.  That is bound to leave a mark on us who are living free of sin.  Remember our sin nature is at war with the Spirit, the same thing happens in the World, so be ready, you may suffer a bit.  But suffering is nothing compared to what awaits us.  Be confident in that hope.

Psalm 18: 16-36

Proverbs 19: 26

[1] Merrill, Eugene H. “2 Chronicles.” The Bible Knowledge Commentary: An Exposition of the Scriptures. Ed. J. F. Walvoord and R. B. Zuck. Vol. 1. Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1985. 627. Print.

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