2 Chronicles 11:1—13: 22

Remember, we have read these stories before in 2 Kings.  Sometimes it’s confusing because the Chronicler is recording different aspects of the same stories.  This is the same as how the Gospels are all telling stories about the life of Jesus but from a different point of view.  All Scripture is God breathed and He delights in using different writers to bring out different aspects of His story.  The Chronicler is pointing out that Judah is where the faithful few are hanging out.  He does this to focus on the Davidic line.  Remember he is showing us God’s faithfulness to the promises He made to David. 

Romans 8: 26-39

The Holy Spirit takes our sin-soaked soul and intercedes for us with God the Father.  He prompts and pulls and convicts us of sin so that we can be in harmony with the will of God—which is righteous living.  God is not surprised by sin.  He knew long ago that the Adam and Eve would sin.  He knew people would become depraved because of sin.  He knew that He would give them the Law to show them their sin.  He knew Israel would ultimately reject His son.  He knew that out of that rejection the church (us believers) would be born.  He knows that we are so steeped in sin and our minds are so lost that we cannot think our way to God.  He has to call to us because we are lost sheep with no hope of saving ourselves.  If you know God it’s because He wooed you first, you did not get there on your own.  Remember Paul already told us “there are none righteous, no not one.”  But he woos you to Him, then when you go to Him, He gives your right standing.  This is the mysterious and glorious work of redemption that God works for all humans.  God even knows who in humanity will be added to the brothers and sister.  He does not force you, but He does hold out His hand and call to all.  And the greatest thing about a God that powerful is that there is nothing you can do to fall out of His out stretched hand once you have gone to Him.  His love is powerful that nothing can separate us from Him.  I don’t know about you, but this is good news for me.  I don’t have to be afraid of anything like demons, Satan or other powers, I am His.  He has given me His Glory, so what do I have to fear?  Certainly not a hotel full of super talented writers and publishing officials.  Right?

Psalm 18: 37-50

Proverbs 19: 27-29

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