2 Chronicles 17: 1—18: 34

We read this story of Jehoshaphat and Ahab in 1 Kings 8, and it is just as funny this time around.  In this version we get more of Jehoshaphat’s point of view.  I love how he sent teachers into the clans to teach the people God’s Law.  They are so far removed from Sinai that this was most likely new information.  I also love the God knows we need the Word of God written down because our sin-soaked minds cannot remember it on our own.  And again, I think the point is if you are going into battle with another king and he tells you, “You dress in your royal robe and I am going to go in disguise,” don’t fall for it!  It’s a trap!

Romans 9:25—10:13

Paul is still explaining to us what the relationship status is between Israel and God.  Paul is clearly proving that God’s plan with the Gentiles is different from His plan with Israel.  Us Gentiles were not His Chosen People, but now because of faith we are His children.  He made Israel a great nation but because they chose the Law to save them instead of putting their faith in God they are set aside right now.  Because of the Promises God made He will always keep a small number of Israelites on earth until He carries out His final plan for them.  They are His Chosen People and He will come to cleanse them, He Promised.  But because they stumbled over the rock, that is Jesus, the Church was born.  But here is the cool thing.  God knew this was the plan all along.  He had to make all of us right with Him, and that was through the death and life of Jesus. 

In chapter 10 Paul is going to teach us about “misdirected zeal.”  His heart hurts for Israel because he knows how much effort they are putting into being right with God.  But in that zeal, they forgot to obey God.  The Law was given to show them how sinful they were and make they expectant of a Savior.  But somewhere along the way they chose the Law to save them instead of God.  The Law cannot save unless you follow it perfectly—and humans can’t.  Humans do not have to move heaven and earth to be saved, they just have to whisper in their hearts, “Jesus I put my faith in you.”  And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord is saved. 

Psalm 20: 1-9

Proverbs 20: 2-3

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