2 Chronicles 21:1—23:21

Yesterday (Saturday) we a read through Jehoshaphat’s life.  I love how the Chronicler pointed out that not only did God win the war for them, but He also allowed them to collect more plunder than they can carry.  When God goes to war for you, you don’t walk away empty handed. 

We continue to trace the line of David in today’s reading.  It is not going well, and the Chronicler reminds us that God is keeping this line alive, not because of the kings’ goodness but because of His Goodness and Promise to David.  We reap what we sow, that is for sure, just ask Jehoram about what happens to your bowels when you do evil in the Lords sight.  But the Lord promised David that promised Deliverer would come out of the Davidic line.  And despite their disobedience God is moving through them to carry on the line.  This is to teach us that salvation comes to us not based on our goodness, but on His! 

Romans 11: 13-36

Yesterday Paul proved to us that God had set Israel aside for now and, because of their rejection, salvation had come to the Gentiles.  He is even using what is happening with the Gentiles to make them jealous so they will come to faith.  God has elected to reserve a remnant of Israelites on Earth because of His Promises to the Patriarch.  However, the Israelites that are trusting in the Law to save them are in the same boat as Pharaoh was.  They rejected God long enough that they have been locked into their decision just like Pharaoh’s heart was hardened.  But don’t worry because they have not fallen so far that God will not save them.  He is just waiting until the Church is fully formed.  Of course He will save them, He chose them to be His special people.  Remember salvation comes from God and is not based on our obedience to the Law but on His goodness. 

Paul also warns us Gentiles not get too proud of ourselves.  This is exactly why Israel stumbled.  They took the “God’s Chosen People,” thing and ran with it.  We are just wild olive branches grafted in through faith.  The God’s Grace to us is what got us on the tree in the first place, not our goodness.  Lest we should become like the Pharisee’s who chose the Law to save them instead of God, we have to be careful to remember we are the branches not the root. 

Psalm 22: 1-18

Proverbs 20:7

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