2 Chronicles 26: 1—28: 27

God will use suffering to break down our pride so we will repent and come back into fellowship with Him.  He could just zap people off the earth when they sin but that does not line up with His character.  He is always convincing, teaching and proving to us that He is our Creator, and He loves His creation.  Disease, war and oppression are all things that God will use to snap us back into reality.  The pain of those things causes us to self-reflect and seek answers and solutions for the pain.  Nothing motivates you to change your ways like pain does.  This section also shows us that God is not just sovereign over those who love Him but over EVERYONE.  He is sovereign over His enemies as well as His people.  Nothing is out of God’s control.

Romans 13

We just learned in the OT reading today that God is sovereign over everything.  Well guess what?  He was sovereign over the Roman government these Roman believers were having to live under.  Check your history books to be sure, or ask Jesus about His crucifixion, but if I remember correctly, the Romans were not known for their kindness.  In fact, they were known for their violence, “Eh tu, Brute?”  But Paul tells them in order to be good representatives of Jesus, they are to submit to the governing authorities and pay their taxes.  Guess what else?  This applies to us too.  This means that even in this democracy known as the USA, whomever is placed in authority by our votes, is actually sovereignly placed there by God and we are to submit to them.  Do we have to like it?  No!  But when we clothe ourselves in “the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ,” we choose to put ourselves under His authority and do what He says.  This makes us children of the light and gives us the power to deny our evil desires.  This is important because loving our neighbor and doing what He says, is how people will learn about Jesus.    

Psalm 23

Proverbs 20: 11

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