Sorry this is so late today. We are doing some work out in our barn and workshop and we decided to do it early because the forecast said it was going to be 350 degree’s by 1 PM. I will never complain about the cold ever again in my life. I promise. Also moved a pile of junk and found this remnant of a friend in our barn. Nope, Nope and Nope!

Job 8: 1—11: 20

Let’s remember, Job is sitting in a pile of ashes and is itching himself with shards of pottery.  He is penniless, his wife told him to curse God and die, his kids have died, and he has realized that the only way to end his suffering is to die.  And then here comes his buddy Bil.  He says, “Hey man, this is what happens to people who forget God and try to rely on themselves.”  While that is thoroughly canvased in the book of Proverbs, (which has not been written for Job and Bil to read) Captain Obvious here is forgetting one thing; God is not limited by this principle.  People are, but not God.  If God was then it would mean we can manipulate God into giving us what we want based on our actions.  This principle is a staple of the horizontal human relationships of earth.  But we get into trouble when we try to apply it to the vertical relationship we have with God.  God gets to show mercy and grace to whomever He chooses.  Otherwise there is no redemption story for the lost sinner.  If we limit God to this principle Bil outlines for us, then there is no hope for the hopeless sinner. 

But wait there’s more!  Job’s buddy Zop pops in with, “Man! God is could probably punish you more severely than he already is!”  Holy lack of empathy Bat Man!  What in the actual world?  No wonder God is having to come in and intercede to change the world view of these people.  

1 Corinthians 15: 1-28

Yesterday Paul concluded his correction for the church on their misuse of gifts in the church.  Today he is addressing the report that they have denied the resurrection of Jesus.  As I am sure you understood from his argument, if the resurrection did not happen then there is no power in God and we are all jokers.  BUT it did happen! They cannot deny it or they deny the whole Gospel.  This is the sticky thing with the Gospel.  Most people can be down with it, up to a point.  It is VERY tempting as we are trying to win people over to God’s Goodness to, shall we say, tweak it a bit to make it more palatable.  Friend, come closer, lean in, hear me, turn the music down, look into my eyes….WE CANNOT DO THAT.  If you hamstring it by not telling someone the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about Jesus then:

 1.  They will never trust you again.  

2. They may miss out on actually being saved because they are just thinking Jesus is a good guy to model their life after.  And when they die and go to hell because they did not actually put their faith in Jesus to save their soul, they will be PISSED at you. 

Just sayin’

Psalm 38: 1-22

Proverbs 21: 28-29

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