This little praying mantis sat here praying over me while I wrote this post. I am going to name her the “Church Lady,” cuz I’m not so sure she was not sitting here judging me. LOL

Job 23: 1—27: 23

Job struggles today with being frustrated with God’s sovereignty.  He finds himself wanting to go to God’s court but can’t find Him.  He is annoyed that he is suffering when it seems that the wicked prosper.  He is wrestling with the fact that God either does care about earth and is sovereign or he is just the big eye in the sky that doesn’t care.  I have been there, and I am sure you are too.  We are supposed to understand that God is so big He spoke creation into being, AND He knit me together in my mother’s womb?  We are supposed to understand that He disciplines the ones He loves, and will pour His wrath out on the wicked, BUT He also will show Mercy to anyone He chooses?  I did not grow up in church, but fellow believers have told me that they did not feel comfortable asking God these questions.  They were told you were just supposed to take it on faith.  But Job shows us that God is not afraid of our honest seeking questions.  As long as you are not questioning His RIGHT to be God over all creation, you are free to ask questions.  God is even bigger than our questions. 

Bil’s short answer is the hope that these “frienemies” are almost done blathering.  He said, “How can a mortal be innocent before God?” AND ALL THE BELIEVERS SAID, “FAITH IN JESUS!” AND THREW THEIR PRAISE HANDS IN THE AIR LIKE WE JUST DON’T CARE!

2 Corinthians 1: 12—2: 11

There is a rumor in Corinth that Paul is like a fly by night salesman who doesn’t really care about them.  This section of the letter addresses that.  He defends how he and his fellow workers have lived and worked with the churches.  And then he spells out my favorite verses from today.  He tells them he is exactly the opposite of a worldly salesman because his yes is a yes and his no is a no because of his obedience to Jesus.  He tells them that Jesus does not waiver and neither do the apostles because they follow Him.  In fact, Jesus is God’s ultimate YES to us all.  Everything God has ever promised has been fulfilled in the Ultimate Yes Man, Jesus.  This reveals God’s character as being steadfast and true to His Word.  They can trust Paul based on that.  The important thing to remember is that the promises made to the Corinthian believers come from Jesus, not Paul.  They have access to the same power Paul has in the Spirit.  They feel let down by Paul and it has caused their faith to waiver.  He says, “Get real guys!  God has proven Himself true by sending you the Spirit.” (I am paraphrasing) This is such a good lesson to learn.  As faithful to obedience as Paul was, the Corinthians were still disillusioned when he did not do what they wanted him to do.  WE as believers cannot demand our needs to be met over our leaders being obedient to God.  Don’t put leaders in that position, put Jesus in that place and He will give you the power to be obedient too. 

The guy who caused the kerfuffle has been overly disciplined.  Satan jumps all over division and will use it to his benefit.  When a person repents and asks to come back to the church the Spirit will prompt us to welcome him or her back.  As someone who very publicly screwed up, I am thankful my church loved me so well through it all. 

Psalm 41: 1-13

Proverbs 22: 5-6

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