Job 28: 1—30: 31

What a beautiful discussion about how humans approach finding wisdom.  For all the discovery we have made, there are still parts of the earth undiscovered and things we cannot explain.  Oh, we try to explain them and take God out of the equation, (I’m looking at you Evolution, you are a theory, not truth) but in the end there are still unexplainable things.  That is because wisdom lies with The Lord and we will never mine the depths of God on this side of Heaven.  But guys, I really want to try because the more I dig the greater He becomes in my life.  That’s how it works when you seek God; He will always give you more of Him.

I think Job illustrates all the areas of his suffering so thoroughly so that there is no one who can say, “I have suffered more than Job.”  He is our example of how to suffer and question God and yet not fall away in sin. 

2 Corinthians 2: 12-17

Paul is proving to them that he is not a fly by night salesman only interested in getting money from them.  In fact, he proves to the them that the Apostles are not just going around telling people what they want to hear by letting the Corinthians in on the interaction the Apostles have with non-believers.  This is how God’s message works.  People who have the Spirit in them receive it as life even if it offends them.  And it should because of that war Paul told us about between our flesh and the Spirit in Romans chapter 7.  But people who are not believers think Paul and company stink of death.  This is the supernatural power of God casting His message out into the World. 

Psalm 42: 1-11

Proverbs 22: 7 

Dave Ramsey’s favorite proverb!!

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