Guys, I’m just being honest.  I am bored to tears with these One Year Bible Recaps.  And I suspect if I am bored to tears with them then they are not too much fun to read on your end.  So, because I like to shake things up, I am re-formatting the recaps.  I am going to write about one moment, or topic that stands out to me in the daily reading.  This will allow me to free up some more time to write that other thing we have been talking so much about, (the-book-that-must-not-be-named-because-it-is-so-overwhelming) and hopefully give you, the reader, one good truth nugget to take for your day.  Everybody cool with that?  I don’t care, that is what we are doing or so help me I will turn this car around and cancel Christmas. 

Sorrow=refining.  I think as humans we run from sorrow.  We want to insulate ourselves from feeling bad.  However, Solomon AND Paul tell us today that sorrow has a specific purpose.  It is to refine us.  Refining means that we become more like Jesus and less like our sin nature.  Someone who avoids sorrow at all cost will end up feeding the flesh and become less and less like Christ.  It starts with that dumb saying, “Do what makes you happy.”  Well you know what makes me happy?  Smoking a pack a day, lots of wine and about 4000 calories in the form of pasta dishes.  Also, not repenting of my sin, holding grudges and yelling at everyone makes me really happy.  But if I indulge in what makes me happy, I am going to be in a pretty sorry state and so will you.  But if we do things like accept the way God does things, find a time and a way to do what is right, and accept correction from a trusted teacher we might find ourselves feeling sorrow.  BUT it’s the kind of sorrow that leads us away from sin and brings us closer to God.  Get it?  Sorrow is so worth the closeness to Jesus it brings. 

Ecclesiastes 7: 1—9:18

2 Corinthians 7: 8-16

Psalm 48: 1-14

Proverbs 22: 17-19

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