Isaiah 51: 1—53: 12

The first part of the section today is God asking the faithful remnant to wake up and pay attention.  He is telling them that they will get complacent in the exile and not realize when they have finished drinking from the “cup of wrath.”  Is that just so like us humans to get use to and comfortable with our surroundings and forget that we are actually free? 

Starting at 52: 13 the rest of this section is talking about the Suffering Servant, Jesus.  Specifically, His ministry on Earth.  There are so many predictions in here about His life it’s hard to understand how the Pharisee’s, who prided themselves on their knowledge of scripture, missed lining up that Jesus was the Suffering Servant.  I think this is why God makes such a big deal about idols.  The Pharisee’s worshiped the Law as their God and therefore it became an idol.  When we worship idols and not the Real living God, we become like the idol remember?  As numb as a hunk of wood.  I hope you get time to really sit and read through this section line by line.  It is beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Ephesians 5: 1-33

Ahhhh, we come to my favorite word in the bible.  SUBMIT.  Why are you laughing?  I am being serious!  Let me explain.

After I got saved and came across this section of Ephesians and saw, “Wives submit to your husbands,” I was sure it was a miss print or screwed up translation.  My 33 years on earth had taught me, “I am woman hear me roar!”  I was sure you could not roar if you submit.  So in my super wise newly saved mind, I set out to find the real meaning of the word used in those verses.  Guess what the real word is, in pretty much every translation, that’s right “submit.”  Now because it is 6: 30 am  and I have to get going because the people in this house are stirring, I’ll say if you want a longer explanation of this verse and the process I had to go through to get to the point where “submit” is my favorite word check out this blog post I wrote about it.  (It is back in the beginning of the blog so it is long! scan through an look for the word SUBMIT and just read that section)

To sum up here let me say, this verse is asking us women to submit to our husbands “as to the Lord.”  It does not say submit to your husbands BECAUSE he IS your Lord—I’m looking at you all 1950’s chauvinist husbands who kept women down!  It says submit to your husband in the same way you have submitted to the Lord.  How did we submit to the Lord?  We chose to surrender ourselves to the Lord.  We chose to put ourselves under the protection of the Lord for salvation.  We chose to follow the Lord’s direction.  And here in this section, God is asking us women, in that same way, CHOOSE to submit to your husband.  And this is the way we ROAR ladies.  God is asking us in our marriages to trust Him and CHOOSE to put ourselves under our husbands.  This is for our benefit.  It is the best way to grow us into mature Godly women, because submitting to our husbands is the hardest thing to do.  And if you know me at all you know that to get to the point where I am saying all this about submission is proof that there is a God. 

Psalms 69: 19-36

Proverbs 24: 7

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