Isaiah 54: 1—57: 14

God’s ways are higher than our ways.  This is very good news.  He solved the problem of sin by sending His son to earth to live as the Suffering Servant and be sacrificial lamb for the wrath that sin incurred.  That wrath was poured out on the Suffering Servant on the cross and then Suffering Servant ascended to Heaven proving the sacrifice was accepted by the Holy God.  This is not how humans solve the problem of sin.  In the reading today we see human solution to the problem of sin.  We make idols and deny God and we just get deeper and deeper into sin debt.  Our reading said today that because of what the Suffering Servant will do, it makes a way for God to redeem His chosen people and spare them from punishment.  I don’t know about you, but all that considered, I can see that God’s ways are higher than mine, and like I said that is Good News for all of us. 

Ephesians 6: 1-24

Side note:  My fellow Americans, please remember that when the bible talks about “slavery” it is not “slavery” as illustrated by the North American Slave Trade.  That kind of slavery in NEVER endorsed by scripture.

The Armor of God.  This is the way to deal with the enemy.  I get sad when I see believers who are obsessed with fighting Satan.  They are so concerned with what Satan is doing that they actually become Devil worshippers because they spend more time thinking about Satan than they do thinking about God.  What a trick of the enemy right?

Paul tells us here to put on God’s armor not our own.  The belt of truth means that your life reflects integrity.  Belts and integrity allow you to move freely in life; you don’t have to worry about your pants falling down or being called a liar, liar pants of fire.The breastplate of righteousness is the idea of walking in the righteousness that comes from being sanctified by walking with Christ.  A breastplate protects your heart and sanctification does the same thing.  Paul tells us over and over to “stand,” shoes of peace allow us to stand on the firm foundation of the Gospel.  Faith makes your life impenetrable to the enemy’s arrows.  The helmet of salvation is the covering for our head because it is the hope of the future restoration that all our thoughts have to be filtered through.  The sword of truth was modeled for us by Christ.  He used truth as His offense when tempted by the devil.  This is why it is a life or death matter for us to know God’s word.  If you don’t know God’s Word, you are lacking your only offensive weapon.  And finally, prayer it the way to access these weapons. 

Psalm 70: 1-5

Proverbs 24: 8

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