Jeremiah 19: 1—21: 14

When we live in a way that honors the Lord and when we proclaim the Truth that He has given us to proclaim we will become a household joke to people who do not believe in the Lord.  WE will also receive persecution because the fastest way to shut someone up is to scare them.  BUT we also get the pleasure of knowing beyond a shadow of doubt that the Lord will make good on the things he promises, and we get to see the miracle that is the Lord protecting us from our enemies.  When we make ourselves a joke and stand up in the face of persecution that is when our relationship with the Lord reaches a new level.  Go there, it’s worth it. 

1 Thessalonians 5: 4-28

Yesterday Paul told the Thessalonians about what happens when we believers die.  Those of us who die believing in Christ have a different relationship with God and have been spared from the wrath and purification promised to the World and Israel in the books of the OT we are reading right now.  That time of purification is called The Tribulation.  If you were in one of my bible studies, this is the day I would bring out my giant timeline and show you how all this go does.  But for the sake of saving words and the fact that I really want to go watch College Game Day, I will say this.  Those of us “in Christ,” meaning those of us who believe in Christ will be saved from the Tribulation because the wrath we deserve was poured out on Christ and in the moment we believed in Him our sin-debt that deserved wrath was paid in full by Christ’s blood.  So before the Tribulation starts Christ will come in a fury of meteorological upset and call us all to Him.  Those who died believing in Christ their bodies will be called first and then those who are alive will be called next.  (I say bodies because their Spirit is already with Christ) No, I am not tripping on LSD, no I am not making this up.  The end of yesterday’s section and the beginning of today’s section spell it out for us.  This is so we can be prepared for what is going to happen in the future.  Pastor Doug always says, “Prepared people are not scared people.”  And in light of this future hope, we live as people who understand that the earth is not our final destination.  We listen to our leaders and love one another until the end. 

Psalm 82: 1-8

Proverbs 25: 9-10

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