Jeremiah 39: 1—41: 18

Israel needs those new hearts God promised.  Real change will have to come from God.  That is what this story of Ismael, Gedaliah and Johanan teaches us today.  Everyone should be acting like a repentant toddler who just got a spanking.  But no, without missing a beat we go right back into murder and power struggle.  We can believe that Lord when He says that heart is desperately wicked.  This is what the OT is proving to us.  We have to be convinced of this before we really understand our need for a Savior.

2 Timothy 1: 1-18

We have the privilege of reading Paul’s last letter to Timothy.  He wrote it in 67 AD from prison.  The purpose of this letter is to encourage his spiritual son to keep fighting for the Truth.  The word “ashamed” is used 4 times in the 18 verses.  I don’t know why it has hit me so hard this morning.  Maybe it is because I saw a video yesterday of a group of men laughing at the life’s work of a woman who does the same thing I do here on the blog.  Meaning, this woman and I both write about God’s Word and what it means to us.  This group of men laughed and called her a narcissist and told her to “go home.”  When I heard those words from men I respect, I felt so ashamed of what I do, like I was a joke.  But then I read in this chapter today, “Never be ashamed to tell people about the Lord.”  I could cry, thank you Lord for encouraging me.  And Paul tells Tim to remember the faith of his mother and grandmother and I realize, I am not a joke and I will not be ashamed to write about the Lord and what He means to me. 

Psalm 90: 1—91: 16

Proverbs 26: 1-2

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