Jeremiah 42: 1—44: 23

To the remnant of Israel in the book of Jeremiah, an open letter from me:

This doesn’t make any sense.  You just watched the Babylon Army destroy Jerusalem and watched you countrymen be carted off as exiles.  You listened to prophet after prophet who spoke out and told you that every famine and all the war was because you were reneging on your covenant with God.  You grew up hearing the stories of what God had done for your ancestors.  You know enough about God to look at your circumstances and say to yourself, “Where is that prophet of God, let’s go ask him to pray for us!”  You have enough reverence of God to say to the prophet that you will do whatever God says.  You get your answer from God!  God thought about you for 10 days, and then communicated with you through His prophet, but you do what you want anyway?  So really you just wanted God to bless your plans you already made?  Well friends that is not how God works.  And the fact that you throw the Queen of Heaven in God’s face makes me scared for you thousands of years later.  Who even is the Queen of Heaven?  Nothing reeks of something a bunch of angry women made up than something called the “Queen of Heaven.”  So, burn your incense to her, I am going to get on my knees right now and ask God what I have made up to make myself feel better about disobeying him.  Peace out!  Well not peace for you, you are staring down the double barrel end of war.  Thanks for teaching me what not to do.  Thank you also for teaching me that our sin nature is real and in its natural state is an enemy of God.  

Sincerely, Sarah. 

2 Timothy 2: 1-21

Goodness!  There is so much amazing truth in this section.  As someone who gets distracted by wanting to do all the things, the focus Paul gives us through the metaphors of the soldier, athlete and farmer are so good!  It’s like he is saying, “head down—do your work.”  I also love that Paul gives him a “trustworthy saying.”  It’s like this saying would have immediately been the hottest selling wooden sign at Ancient Hobby Lobby.  But also, I loved the part about staying away from worthless talk that leads to godlessness.  Remember this is all happening during the “Greek philosophers” emergence.  All these deep thinkers coming up with “truth” that is contrary to the Real Truth of God.  Bible Knowledge Commentary said Paul uses the word for gangrene here.  Meaning this talk is like gangrene and if you give it a foothold it will eat up everything until the person is worthless, like the two dudes mentioned here.  This is the same kind of “I think the Queen of Heaven is responsive for our good fortune!” kind of stuff.  If it is contrary to the Truth of God, it will eat you up and render you useless to God. 

Psalms 92: 1—93: 5

Proverbs 26: 3-5

I got to go make lunches, but these proverbs seem to contradict each other.  So look at what BKC said about them:

These two sayings belong together; they complement each other. Their point is that one should not be drawn down to a fool’s level (v. 4) but at times he must use the fool’s language to refute the fool so he does not become conceited (v. 5; cf. vv. 12, 16). Wisdom is needed to determine when to apply verse 4 and when to apply verse 5. The Jewish Talmud suggests that verse 4 pertains to foolish comments that can be ignored and that verse 5 refers to erroneous ideas that must be corrected. You in verse 4 is emphatic and may be translated “you, even you.”[1]

[1] Walvoord, John F., and Roy B. Zuck, Dallas Theological Seminary. The Bible Knowledge Commentary: An Exposition of the Scriptures. Vol. 1. Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1985. Print.

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