Jeremiah 48: 1—49: 22

Uh, well, Moab, Ammon and Edom are all going down.  With all the highlighting of all the resources these countries got to enjoy, I realized how crazy it is that they enjoyed what God created here on earth but never acknowledged God as the creator.  But creation and its beauty causes us to acknowledge that something outside of ourselves created what we see.  So, in their thankfulness for the resources they were led to marvel at where it all came from.  We are beings capable of reason and to make sense of what they were experiencing they made up gods that were responsible for attributes of creation.  And through all of that wrong thinking God is in heaven pursuing them trying to get them to realize their mistake and put their faith in Him.  It just shows you that our sin soak minds are so completely jacked up.  Without God renewing our minds we are uncapable of making the right decisions. 

2 Timothy 4: 1-22

Goodnight.  What a powerful ending to this letter, and a powerful ending to Paul’s life.  Paul fought the good fight and ran his race.  My prayer is that I can say this at the end of my life.  But what just hit me is that he doesn’t say he won the race, he says he finished the race.  This sets my perfectionist mind at ease because it proves to me that this Christian life really is about the journey, not about perfectly executing everything.  Remaining faithful to God is the race.  It is no small feat in this time of trouble we are in.  We must keep our eyes and minds laser focused on the Truth, or we wind up following teachers who tell us what our itching ears want to hear.  Fight the good fight people, run the race, don’t give up, remain faithful, The Lord is standing with you. 

Psalm 95: 1—96: 13

Proverbs 26: 9-12

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