Lamentations 4: 1—5: 22

Lamentations ends today with a final funeral dirge about the Lord’s anger in chapter 4 and then a prayer of sorts in chapter 5.  You can tell that the formatting changes indicate that chapter 5 is not an acrostic poem.  Chapter 5 is the hope that the Exiled people would hang on to.  They would have to live out the Exile by faith, remembering that God’s story is not finished yet.

Hebrews 2: 1-18

The “So” that starts this section links this chapter back to the truth the author reminded them of in chapter 1.  Jesus is more than just an angel.  He is Salvation itself.  Angels carried out the discipline from the Lord in the OT, but God sent Jesus to bring about Salvation.  The danger is putting our faith in anything less than Jesus himself.  Jesus did and will do what angels could not.  He became real flesh and blood and lived out what it means to be human so that he could be our perfect sacrifice.  That means this High Priest knows what it’s like to be human.  Anything you have felt or feared he has experience too.  That is why He is the perfect sacrifice, and our High Priest.  Remember what the High Priest did in the Tabernacle?  He went before the Lord and offered the Atonement for sin for the people?  He interceded for the people, prayed for them and begged God to save them.  Think about that.  Jesus as our High Priest, is standing next to God and saying, “Father, I paid for their sin, the temptation they are feeling is so powerful, only Our Spirit in them can help them overcome it, but watch, they are going to be an overcomer, because I have made atonement for them.”  So, don’t for one second fall into the trap of putting your faith in anything less than this High Priest.  Angels, apostles, church leadership, pastors, programs, schools, people—None of those are your High Priest, Jesus is! 

Psalm 103: 1-22

Proverbs 26: 23

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