Ezekiel 10: 1—11: 25

We get a better description of the Cherubim today and the prophecy that Jerusalem will fall by fire, hence the burning coals vision.  But the part I really want to focus on is the judgement of the leaders.  If they had been obedient to the Lord and not tried to kill all the prophets, then the people would have surrendered themselves to the exile and lived out the life described in Jeremiah 29: 11.  Remember that?  God told them to marry, plant fields etc.  God knew the plans He had for them and it was Exile.  But no, the leaders told them it was all good.  Even after the leaders drop dead, the people are still talking smack about God’s prophet.  And because of the disobedience they will be killed instead of Exiled.  (PS.  Ezekiel! Man, I love that you love the people, but really dude, you just saw the cherubim, let’s get focused man!)

But our Lord is not scared of the disobedience or surprised.  He knows that real heart change has to come from Him.  That is why He reminds them in the 11: 16 that the story is not over with the Exile.  He will regather the Israelites and give them a new heart.  This is a warning to us all that left to our own devices we cannot follow the Lord.  He has to come in change our hearts.  For the Israelites it will be in the End Times, for us Christians we are indwelt with His Spirit upon our belief in Jesus.  Without that we are only capable of disobedience to God.  I’m just trying to warn you before you get whisked away by some Cherubim. 

Hebrews 6: 1-20

Yesterday the author called these believers spiritual babies.  Today he says he is not going to waste time teaching them the basics, again.  They know the basics, the now have to press forward in faith.  Their circumstances however are making a return to the Mosaic Law look favorable.  But the author says once you have tasted the goodness of Jesus and been indwelt with the Spirit, if you then try to renounce your belief, you are in danger of disqualifying yourself from goodness and power of the “age to come.”  Not to mention, once the Spirit is in you, you cannot get away from that joker.  But by returning to the Law, you will essentially make yourselves the bums of heaven.  You will still be in, but you will not receive the rewards promised to us for living the faithful Christian life.  Yesterday the author said that Christ learned obedience through suffering.  These spiritual babies are in danger of letting suffering trap them in disobedience.  If they do that, it’s like killing Christ all over again.  He was killed by people who were being disobedient.  God will not forget what we do here on earth.  God will also discipline us to make us more Christlike.  We know this because we have read most of the OT at this point! 

Some people use this section of Hebrews to say that we as Christians can lose our salvation.  I will tell you that one section of one book of the NT cannot render void the numerous other scriptures that say salvation comes from God, not from us.  We could never save ourselves (see the OT.)  We are saved by faith in God.  We cannot earn our salvation through our obedience so therefore we cannot lose it by our disobedience either. 

Psalm 105: 16-36

Proverbs 27: 1-2

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