Ezekiel 12: 1—14: 11

Well God is asking Ezekiel to do some pretty wild things but at least He tells Ezekiel why he is doing them.  He is trying to break through their rebellious thinking and “capture the minds and hearts of all my people who have turned from me to worship their detestable idols.”  Do you remember how smart you were when you were in your late teens and early 20’s?  I do, and let me tell you to my knowledge I was the smartest person I had ever met.  I had it all figured out.  I knew what I was going to do, that God was not real, and that Eastern medicine would cure the gaping hole in my soul.  I knew who I was going to marry, how many kids we would have, and that I would be a famous award-winning horse trainer someday.  I was so certain of all these things that I had no time for people in my life who suggested that maybe I should chill or be open to other options, aka: older people.  This 40-year-old version of me that is typing this right now can tell you that the only thing that I was right about in that above scenario is who I married, and the only 4 legged animals around here are goats and dogs.  But here is what I love about God and what this passage in Ezekiel reminded me of today: He loves us so much that He will do whatever it takes to bring us to the point of humility that makes us decided if we want to be saved or not.  He does that for the people He loves.  How amazing is our God?  The Israelites worshiped every other fake god except the one that actually saved them, and God still sent out poor Ezekiel to get their attention.  I told God that He was not real, and the faith was for jokers, and He still used every plot point in my life to bring me to Him.  That is a loving AND mighty God. 

Hebrews 7: 1-17

Do you remember all the way back in January when we read about Abraham meeting Melchizedek on the way back from war?  The author appeals to the Jew’s understanding of Melchizedek to show them that Jesus is from a priesthood that far surpasses the Mosaic priesthood.  Essentially, he is saying to them, “Why would you go back and pay homage to Abraham when even Abraham paid homage to Melchizedek?”  They are settling for the lesser priesthood because their minds they would suffer less.  But the author is making the case that lower priesthood does not have the power to make them right with God and so of course God established a New one that would do what the Old one could not.  That is how God rolls people, look at the section titles of the Bible—OLD and NEW!  We are such goofy creatures.  We get comfy in the Old.  The Old is what we know and what we know we can live with.  The New is scary and might cramp our style so we fight against it because our sin nature wants us to stay stuck in the old.  Run to the “New!” That is where God is working!  

Psalm 105: 37-45

Proverbs 27: 3

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