Ezekiel 14: 12—16: 41

Oh man, the folks who lived in Jerusalem where clinging on to the idea that God promised to save Sodom if there was a righteous person within its walls.  Obviously, this was the thinking that was circulating and God, in His love, corrected them by telling them even if they were as righteous as Noah, Daniel or Job that would not save the city. 

The two stories God then asks Ezekiel to relay are stories about how God loved and cared for them, but they turned on Him and went their own way.  But the part I love about is how God’s character is revealed at the end.  He has every right to cross them off His list of nations He loves and move on to someone else, leaving them trapped in the uselessness or prostitution, but He doesn’t.  He actually promises to purify them and save them from their entrapment in prostitution.  (prostitution being synonymous with sin.)  

Hebrews 7: 18-28

Jesus is better than the priesthood because not one of those priests led a perfect life, nor volunteered to throw themselves on the altar to pay for the sins of everyone.  This oath that God made to institute the new eternal priest, Jesus, was always His plan. (solemn oath) Like we learned in Ezekiel today, He is the God who saves us from sin.  The Law was never meant to make us perfect, but this New System of faith in Jesus draws us near to God.  Amen!

Psalm 106: 1-12

Proverbs 27: 4-6

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