Ezekiel 16: 42—17: 24

The point of the Law was to set the Israelites apart from the surrounding nations.  They would reflect the Lord because they followed His law.  But the indictment here is that they became so much like the nations that surround them that they looked like sisters or mothers and daughters.  And if anyone compares says you are worse than Sodom it’s time for some self-evaluation.

Weird visual displays are not working so God goes with a riddle next.  This riddle is describing the Exile that is happening all around them and still Ezekiel has to explain it all to them.  But at the end he also tells them that the day is coming when He will plant a new Tree and everyone will know that it is His Tree. 

Hebrews 8: 1-13

I geek out when these passages dove tail so beautifully.  We can raise our hands in agreement with the author here when he says that “If the first covenant had been faultless, there would have been no need for the second covenant to replace it.”  As we have traveled through the story of the OT we know the Israelites never full partook in the system of worship that was a shadow of the Heavenly Tabernacle.  They did not like what God wanted them to do and threw themselves into the worship of the nations around them.  I have been wanting to use this meme forever. I have to drink almond milk and this is my favorite meme right now.

Because no matter how much he pounded on them they still went their own way, he initiated the New Covenant at the Cross. Salvation comes from God alone. We Christians are its ambassador and are supposed to be telling everyone about the New Covenant.  The time is coming when we will have told everyone who will respond and at that point God will regather the Israelites and institute this Covenant with them. 

Psalm 106: 13-31

Proverbs 27: 7-9

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