Ezekiel 20: 1-49

I love these pauses in the OT where God takes the opportunity to refresh everyone’s memory of history.  I hope you were encouraged like I was as you remembered reading through Exodus and Deuteronomy and learning about how they were supposed to follow His regulations so they would reflect His holiness to the people around them.  I hope you also remembered that when they followed His decree’s they had an abundant life and when they followed the idols their lives were characterized by lust and greed.  And all of this was done to teach us that salvation comes from God and blood is required for forgiveness. 

Hebrews 9: 11-28

The shedding of blood in the old system had to be done over and over because the blood was from animals.  It was also done over and over to teach everyone that sin = death and blood is needed for forgiveness.  The tabernacle (and all its sacrifices) was a human made representation of the Heavenly Tabernacle.  Christ came and offered the ultimate sacrifice to pay for sin once for all time.  This is such a better idea to put our faith in!!!  Instead of having to raise goats, keep them alive, present them to priest, slaughter it, spill it’s blood, probably while you cry because you have become so attached to it, we can now place our faith in Christ and claim Him as the payment for our sins.  Can you imagine it?  The recipients of this letter were actually thinking it would be better to go back to the animal sacrifices.  No thank you, I’m with Jesus. 

Psalm 107: 1-43

Proverbs 27: 11

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