Ezekiel 24: 1—26: 21

I don’t have time to do an extensive recap today because I have a sick goat that I have to go tend to.  But I was impacted by what Ezekiel had to endure in the passage today.  As God’s messenger to the people of Jerusalem God orchestrated these things (death of his wife, and loss of voice) to get the attention of His lost people.  He could trust Ezekiel with this suffering because Ezekiel had put His faith in God.  And He tells the people:  Ezekiel is an example for you, you will do what he has done and then you will know that I am the Sovereign Lord.  As believers in God we have to square with the fact that God is in the business of wooing people back to Him.  He will use everything that happens in your life to teach you about Him, but He will also use everything that happens in your life to teach the people who are watching you about Him.  If we learn from Ezekiel, we can walk into tragedy knowing the purpose behind it and will end up closer to God instead of farther away.

Hebrews 11: 1-16

One of my professors at bible school told us that chapter 11 is a “walk through the Hall of Faith.”  The word faith is mention 10 times just in these 16 verses of this chapter.  Faith is what pleases God, faith is what secures our payment for our sin, and faith is how we are transformed into people who represent Jesus.  So learn from these faithful people.  Not a single one of them earned their salvation by being perfect.  They all walked imperfectly by faith in the One who is Perfect. 

Psalm 110: 1-7

Proverbs 27: 14

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