Ezekiel 31: 1—32: 32

I cannot get over how shocking it must have been to see Egypt fall.  I mean think about it.  Egypt was the country everyone went to for food, military help, trade and knowledge.  They had it “figured out” in a human sense.  In terms of human thought, they had solved the mystery of the sciences, the afterlife and medicine.  The only problem with all that is they were essentially a clay jar looking up at the Potter saying, “You did not make me, I made myself.”  God will not allow this to go on because His creation will be led astray by the wrong thinking.  Think about where you were when 9/11 happened and how you felt.  As a nation we were certain we were untouchable by terrorism.  It never occurred to us that we were not smart enough or prepared enough to stand against it.  But when that plane struck the first tower not only were we horrified by the fact that innocent lives were lost but there was an underlying shock to our system because we thought we were untouchable.  This must have been what it was like to watch Egypt go down in the OT.  And God will allow this shaking of the foundation of our beliefs because He loves us too much to see us put our faith in anything but Him. 

Hebrews 12: 14-29

I’m having a thought!  Watch out!  In verse 18, where the author compares the mountains at which we get to approach God, a light bulb go off for me.  If you have not put your faith in Jesus or if you need your pride crushed, then the mountain you are approaching is the mountain at Sinai.  You need to stand at this mountain and take it all in because you need to understand why you should be in awe of God and you need to understand the wrath you deserve as you stand in the presence of a Holy God.  But if you have put your faith in Christ and you are clinging to His arm as you approach God, you are approaching the mountain at Zion.  This is the place where you have perfect communion with the Holy God because Jesus has sprinkled you with the blood of the New Covenant.  You are covered in forgiveness and are welcomed to the mountain because you are a beloved child.  So, which will it be for you?  The Wrath of Mt. Sinai or Jesus and Mt. Zion.  The correct answer is Jesus.  And here is the thing, you have to sort this out with God because if you are putting your faith in anything less than Jesus alone to save you (your government, your money, your church, your family, your intelligence or your shining personality) then you will find yourself approaching God in the same way the Israelites did: needing to be humbled.  But if you know you cannot save yourself and you have taken Jesus’ hand and walked through the veil of the Holy of Holies then live like it!  You have access to God himself!  Angels sing over you!  Jesus mediates for you!

Psalm 113: 1—114: 8

Proverbs 27: 18-20

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