Ezekiel 33: 1—34: 31

I totally forgot that Ezekiel could not talk except for when God told him to pronounce judgements.  But now, because his message had been authenticated God gave him his voice back.  And my prayer for us all is that God is never a source of entertainment.  I mean I think it can happen when He displays the power the He has or when He does things like take someone’s voice away and then give it back at the exact time, He said He would.  We are beings that love to be entertained, that is partly why we have such a propensity to chase after desires and awe-inspiring things.  But I pray we rail against this and not be like the sheep who hear what God says but do what we want to do instead. 

Hebrews 13: 1-25

Another lining up of OT and NT passages that is poetic.  Jesus is our Perfect Shepherd.  He will never leave us or abandon us.  He will always give us help and He never changes, no matter what the new thoughts or trends are.  He is outside of the old Tabernacle sacrificial system and made a new home for us.  And because of all this we can be satisfied with what we have, and we can be empowered to listen to the leaders Jesus has put over us.  These spiritual leaders are accountable for their watchfulness over our souls, so let’s all agree not to be a hassle for them. 

Psalm 115: 1-18

Proverbs 27: 21-22

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