Ezekiel 39: 1—40: 27

As the Tribulation comes to a close, Gog and Magog are defeated, and Israel plunders them and uses the resources acquired to thrive.  From that victory God starts to set up His new order, also known as, the Millennial Kingdom.  He spends chapters 40-43 detailing the new Temple.  This is important because this will be the reminder for the world of the New Covenant God has established.  Therefore, nothing like it has ever been seen.  Here is a rendering I found that I promise does not even come close to the glory it will possess in actuality. 

James 2: 18—3: 18

To sum up James has taught us how to walk through trials and how to stand firm in temptation (chp. 1).  He walked us through how to exercise our faith in a way that shows compassion and is free of favoritism (chp. 2).  And now he teaches us about how powerful our tongue is and how to bridle it.  Wisdom is the key to getting our tongue under control.  Bible Knowledge Commentary called this section of James, “Cultivating thoughts.”  I have fallen in love with that term.  This is the key because our tongue is only the vocal extension of our thoughts.  If your thoughts are “a whole world of wickedness,” your tongue will communicate wickedness.  No one can control the tongue because here is the deal, if you are covering up your wicked thoughts by “boasting and lying,” then your tongue is now boasting and lying.  Get it?  You have to “cultivate wise thoughts.”  You have to learn the word of God, act on, and cultivate a thought life that reflects it.  Then the tongue is controlled by the One who can control it, The Lord! 

Psalm 118: 1-18

Proverbs 28: 2

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