Ezekiel 40: 28—41: 26

One noticeable difference between this temple and the one in described in Exodus…..No veil!  This temple will have swinging doors into the Holy of Holies because there is no more separation!  Here is the picture I left out yesterday, sorry about that!

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James 4: 1-17

Contrasted with being encouraged to be peacemakers yesterday, today’s reading reveals that these dispersed Jews were being the opposite of peacemakers.  And this is what struck me today; there is no middle ground with God.  You cannot be right with him and friends with the “world.”  You cannot be a Christian one day and then turn around the next and plot to get what you want. Being friends with the world means you have stopped fighting that inner war, you have just let your sin nature take over.  And here is the thing I have discovered in my years of walking with the Lord, if you are not fighting that internal war, you are losing ground, you are regressing.  You cannot get to a point and decide, “Ok, I am a good enough Christian, I am done fighting for the Holy Ground in my spirit.”  Remember how the Israelites stopped fighting for the Promised Land because they got comfortable with what they had already acquired?  Well it did not stay that way, as soon as they stopped fighting their borders started shrinking.  It is the same for us.  We have to keep asking God for the grace needed to fight this fight.  The only way to do that is to humble ourselves and beg him to show us where we are allowing the world to rule in our hearts.

Psalms 118: 19-29

Proverbs 28: 3-5

“To reject the law is to praise the wicked; to obey the law is to fight them,” is what I am trying to say in the James recap!  When we partner with God and fight the internal fight, we will naturally start following the law because the law reflects his holiness.  This is how we fight the internal fight! 

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